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  • He is a talented actor. I hope that episode 16 is a sign that his role on Fringe will be growing. If his role as Charlie Francis isn't convincing enough, watch him in OZ as Miguel Alvarez. He definately deserves more air-time.

    Kirk Acevedo's role (agent Charlie Francis) as Olivia Dunham's superior, and go-between with agent Broyles, is not explored enough. I was happy to see his increased importance in episode 16 of Fringe but it needs to be more consistent. That is not to say he should take over the whole show but I'm hoping his role could be expanded and his character further developed. His relationship with Olivia Dunham seems very solid and they seem to trust each other, even if it sometimes requires a couple of clarifying questions. They will risk their lives for one another as Olivia pointed out just before she went out to find the hybrid creature with Walter and Peter. They provide each other support even beyond their investigations, as can be seen in the episode where John Scott is "buried" and Charlie jokes that John had said he loved him too. In fact, I'd be curious to see a flashback of how their friendship evolved.

    It will be interesting to see if this trust will be tested at a later point as more is uncovered in the Pattern. Perhaps Olivia will have to make a choice as to whether Charlie can still be trusted or if he has been gathering information for the other side. That is, depending on the side Olivia is on when all is said and done.

    My only disappointment was the choice of Kirk Acevedo's wife playing his on-screen wife. I don't know if it was the acting or the writing but the relationship seemed too ideal or easy. How can agent Francis' wife be so non-chalant about her husband's job? She was always so peppy. Wouldn't she be more worried? Perhaps it was the comfort level between them that came across and made it seem contrived. I don't know. Otherwise, Charlie Francis is a great character and I hope all the larvae are gone!