Kirk Alyn

Kirk Alyn


10/8/1910, Oxford, New Jersey USA



Birth Name

John Feggo, Jr.



Also Known As

Jack Fago, Kirk Allen, Kirk Allyn
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Kirk Alyn started his career as a dancer and performer in vaudeville, before moving to Broadway as chorusboy for musicals throughout the 1930s, including "Girl Crazy" and "Of Thee I Sing," as well as starring in two-reel shorts for Warner Borthers Vitaphone film process. He received his break…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kirk starred with another actor that also played a comic character, Adam West, who played Batman in the 1966 TV series, in the 1981 TV movie, Time Warp.

    • Kirk's Superman (1948) footage was later reused in another comic-related movie, Corky of Gasoline Alley (1951).

    • Kirk thought it would be a good gag to audition for a Broadway musical, but was totally shocked when he was offered the part.

    • In order to audition for Superman, Kirk had to strip down to his underwear. He wasn't musclebound but the producers liked what they saw.

    • Kirk wrote a book 1971 on his experiences as the first screen Superman, in "A Job For Superman".

    • Kirk never had his name listed in the credits of the "Superman" serials, in order to preserve the mystique of the character.

    • Kirk made a cameo appearance with "Famous Monsters Of Hollywood" publisher Forrest J. Ackerman in the low-budget 1983 horror film, "Scalps."

    • Kirk was replaced by George Reeves for the TV series, The Adventures Of Superman, after he tired of the role and demanded a large pay raise if he were to continue, of which Columbia Studios executives were unwilling to pay.

    • Kirk was a trained ballet dancer.

    • Kirk had to do all his stunts as Superman, as the studio would not provide him a stuntman.

    • Kirk was married to the actress Virginia O'Brien. (1942-1955)

    • Kirk was a vaudeville entertainer before moving into acting.

    • Kirk was a chorusboy when growing up.

    • Kirk was the first actor to portray Superman on screen, in the 1948 "Superman" film serial and it's sequel "Atom Man Vs. Superman" in 1950.

    • Kirk had a brief cameo in "Superman" (1978) as Lois Lane's father in the train that young Clark Kent raced past, along with his serials partner Noel Neill as Lois's mother. On the special edition DVD he is given more dialogue than what was featured in the original release.

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