Kirk Cameron





10/12/1970 , Panorama City, California

Birth Name

Kirk Thomas Cameron




As a star in a few TV commercials, Kirk Cameron's acting career started at the age of nine. After some guest appearances on TV shows, Kirk got his first starring role on the small screen in Two Marriages (1983-1984). The drama show was only short-lived, but Kirk did get noticed and received his first "Young Artist Awards" nomination.

After auditioning for a part on the new sitcom Growing Pains, Kirk got one of the leading roles, the part of Michael Seaver. The show soon became a hit and Kirk received 3 Young Artist Awards and 2 nominations at the Golden Globes. As writers realized that he was the most popular character, Mike Seaver became the center of the show. Kirk's popularity kept on growing: his face graced every Teen magazine in America and every teenaged girl's heart!

Producers quickly took notice and Kirk was casted in a series of starring movie roles, starting with 1987 comedy Like Father Like Son with Dudley Moore.

But Growing Pains wasn't only a success for his career: Kirk met his wife Chelsea Noble at the set of the show. Their wedding took place on July 20, 1991.

The sitcom came to an end in 1992 and although he starred in several movies, he was never able to match up to that success.

Kirk is now a devoted father to his 6 children. Four of them are adopted: Jack (1996), Isabella (1997), Anna (1998) and Luke (2000). His wife Chelsea gave birth to their first biological child, daughter Olivia Rose, on July 18, 2001. Their son, James Thomas was born on 13 April, 2003.