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  • does a GREAT job on "Way Of The Master" show

    He does a fantastic job on Way of the Master, which airs weekly on He has such a great way to effectively explain to anyone the need they have for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    He is clear, focused, and very articulated. You can tell that he is not just reading a tele-prompter, but he is indeed talking from hours of study of his subject matter, and his deep and honest believe in what he is sharing. He also uses props and scenery to explain something abstract. An example: He and the other host were talking about the STEPS it takes to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he used STEPPING stones to cross a creek. Each step he took, he would explain the step of presenting the Gospel. It's not "WWJD?", it's "WDJD?" (What Did Jesus Do?)
  • Kirk is a great man, a man after Gods own heart. He is truly an inspiration to anyone who is afraid to stand up in a crowd for what he believes in.

    To be in the hollywood lime light and looked up to by so many, and to stand up and say ' I wont do that, I wont compromise my morals or do anything to cause another to compromise theirs or temp them to disobey Gods comands, and not worry about the rejection and shun of hollywood, and un- Christian fans, is amazing. He is an amazing man, and I respect him so much and all the work he does for Christ. I "adored" him as a teen, ( I was in his "fan club" and everything) when he was considered a teen hearthrob. I had read all the Left Behind books, and when he made those into movies, I watched them all. I wish I could be more like him and his wife in sharing my faith, and not worrying what other people might think of me.
    Wonderful work, wonderful man, wonderful Christian.
  • Objectively a very good actor with a potential to be great if only he remain

    I watched many series of Growing Pains and this actor is not bad at all. No doubt Kirk is pretty talented and deserve to be noted at that.It's quite ridiculous for some reviewers here who can't see this thing. It may be his faith that nettled so many people and make them look beyond the talent of this individual. But kirk's leap of faith is a personal thing but his acting is strictly another. If he only remain and continue in his craft it will be a different story. At the time Brad and leonardo were just starting while kirk was already in the high peak of his career and it will only do few muscle flexing by this 'mike seaver'to drag all hollywood at his feet. But religion can be so humiliating and hollywood will not go with it. So goes kirk cameron
  • He was great when I was a kid. Now, I don't even want to talk about that.

    Ahh... Growing Pains. I used to love that show when I was a kid. That was when I was REALLY young. Then, Kirk Cameron made a few movies on Disney. Now, he's become an evangelist. He's become an annoying, intolerant evangelist. Why did he his career go to evangelism? It could've gone to good movies. I know he's a Christian, but it's controlling his life if he's only going to stuff involving it. Even Jim Caviezel doesn't do that. Please Kirk, remember the people who loved you when you were on Growning Pains. And remember the people who hate you for being annoying and intolerant.
  • A total waste of space

    I reluctantly watched an episode of Growing Pains last night - and this after having the truly awful \"Left behind 2\" inflicted on me. I dont know wether I was supposed to be \"inspired\" by Kirks so called \"acting\" or wether It was supposed to be a warning about the dangers of getting involved in evangelical christianity, whatever it was the so called friend who inflicted this rubbish on me has had a stern lecture about the difference between childhood crushes and having an ounce of talent. The childhood crush is excusable - being talentless and continuing to inflict yourself on innocent members of the public isn\'t.
  • Still Got It

    I must say Kirk has shed his boyish good looks but on the plus side has developed into a very handsome, charming man. His talents have only increased since Growing Pains. After seeing everything he has done and then the \"Left Behind Series\" I know he is truly talented. He can play any range as an actor. It is too bad for \"Mainstream Hollywood\" that he chooses not to act in their films. He is definately an \"Oscar\" contender.

  • Love him being a Christian!

    I am glad that Kirk is a devout Christian
    Being now involved with ministry
    And that his wife changed him for the better
    Loved him on Growing Pains
    My sister & I had a crush on him as children
    But now I love him for who he is
    Not a prima donna like today's stars
    Nor didn't turn out bad after his sitcom ended
    But then again, I wouldn't want him any other way!
  • a true childhood star

    Kirk is a real talent in his time. He is an exceptional actor who should have gotten more recognition for his work. He at a very young age began to act and act well. He was very convincing in his TV series "Growing Pains" and carried that talent on to the shows that he appeared in as he got older. He made you laugh and he made you cry. You got angry at him yet you loved him. That is a sign of a true actor. One you can believe.