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  • Kirk is a great man, a man after Gods own heart. He is truly an inspiration to anyone who is afraid to stand up in a crowd for what he believes in.

    To be in the hollywood lime light and looked up to by so many, and to stand up and say ' I wont do that, I wont compromise my morals or do anything to cause another to compromise theirs or temp them to disobey Gods comands, and not worry about the rejection and shun of hollywood, and un- Christian fans, is amazing. He is an amazing man, and I respect him so much and all the work he does for Christ. I "adored" him as a teen, ( I was in his "fan club" and everything) when he was considered a teen hearthrob. I had read all the Left Behind books, and when he made those into movies, I watched them all. I wish I could be more like him and his wife in sharing my faith, and not worrying what other people might think of me.
    Wonderful work, wonderful man, wonderful Christian.