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  • I love Kirk Fogg so very much. Kirk is so Hot, Sweet, Sexy, Gorgeous and Scrumdidilyumptious. Kirk has a sexy voice. When I first heard it I knew that I had no choice. Kirk looks so hot in blue jeans but he looks sexy in shorts. Kirk is an Angel.

    Kirk is the love of my life. I really wish that I was Kirk's wife. I really don't care what all of you say about Kirk I love him and I always will no matter what. Kirk is so cool. Kirk Fogg is my Angel, God and King. To me he is my everything.

    Here is a song that I wrote just for Kirk Fogg.
    Kirk is so sweet
    Kirk is so sweet
    Kirk is the sweetest one I know
    He's the one with that sweet golden glow
    Kirk is the sweetest one I know.

    Kirk is the sweetest one on Legends of the Hidden Temple.