Kirk Herbstreit

Kirk Herbstreit


8/19/1969, Centerville, Ohio

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  • ahhh... the love of my life...

    I was all of 12 years old when I started watching Kirk on Gameday with my dad back in 1996. I was in love. Yes, initially it was because of the bright blue eyes, blond hair and those sexy pictures that would occasionally flash accross the screen of him in that Buckeye uniform, but over time, I have difinitely devoled a lot of respect for the way he reports on the sport of football. It is a well known fact that he speaks only the truth when picking his favorites each saturday, not just a bias of opinion. Which brings me to my next topic...This Saturday. Kirk himself will be in my hometown of Eugene Oregon For The Ducks VRS. Cal!!! This could very well be the greatest football game that I have EVER attended and it's all I could ever hope for that I might cath a glimps of the man himself.moreless
  • I like him as a Buckeye for one, but I also like him because he hasn't been biased once towards the Buckeyes in the past few years.

    He is a great announcer, he could have been like a number of other announcers who just root for the college they went to instead of announcing the games. He tells it like it is, if he thinks a team isn't going to do well he will tell you, even if it's the team he played for in college. I think that also says alot about The Ohio State University and how they teach them out there to be humble and fair in all that they do on and off of the football field. I think not just that but in all of the other games he has just done well announcing too.moreless