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  • The power of this actor has the power to play Don Patch, so he must be great.

    This guy is cool. And talented. And Spam spam spam spam spam spa mspamspamsp mpsm pams pamsm pasm spam spam soapm. I think that if this guy can play don patch in Bo bo bo bo bo bo bo, they he could act for any character. i mean, don patch has the best voice ever, so this guy could make any character perfect with his voice. So spam spam sapam, and rofl i am te gr8ts f4n of d0n p3atch. Th1s G|_|y i2 t3 l33tst guy ecver so, 2 all me d0gz out threr, this gy is cool and I hope don patch are too.
  • He is a great actor.

    Kirk Thornton I hear him in just about every anime I watch. The anime voices I remember Kirk mostly for was his role as Brandon Heat / Beyond the Grave in Guntave. Along with the second one which is Jin from Samurai Champloo. To me he is one of the best anime voices out there.
  • Amazing!

    I personally think Kirk Thornton is the best voice actor of his time. Of the many actors, his voice stands above the rest. His soft and sensual voice fits any role whether it is a gun slinger, or a quiet samurai. He is most dubiously the best voice actor I've ever heard.