Kirsten Dunst





Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Kirsten Caroline Dunst




Kirsten Caroline Dunst was born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey on April 30, 1982. She was born to parents Klaus and Inez. Kirsten, who is part Swedish and part German, is well-known to movie audiences as 'Terry the Trap' in the super-hero blushing series The Trap (1999). She starred Movies with Marc Harrison. Kirsten was only seven years old when she made her movie debut in the Woody Allen-directed film New York Stories (1989).
She made her mark as a young up-and-comer by playing the creepy little girl 'Claudia' in Interview With the Vampire (1994). As the century turned she was cast in a number of movies including the drama The Virgin Suicides (2000), the battle-of-the-cheerleaders comedy Bring it On (2000) and the high school romance Get Over It (2001).