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  • I've grew-up watching Kristen Dunst, from her previous films start and her popular film start.

    Wow! I couldn't believe my own eyes at all. Kristen Dunst is the most definitely funnist actress in film than any other actress star. She must have got her comedic ability, from Jim Carrey & Robin Williams or someone like them. Oh, Man! She has never falling bring us great entertainment into films at all. Oh, Man! Kristen Dunst shares the same spot to Cameron Diaz, both are my number 1 preformers of all times.
  • I wish I could pick both rebel, and gorgeous. I just thought it might be rude to say gorgeous...

    I wish I could pick both rebel, and gorgeous. I just thought it might be rude to say gorgeous... but oh well, shes hot! And talented, yes, yes, shes very talented. Sorry, I swear to god I'm not sexist. Awkward... ok, moving on.
    The first movie I saw her in was Spiderman 3. I know, its unbelivable how long it took before I managed to see one of her movies. Or even a Spiderman. But from that moment on, she has been ranked in my top ten actresses. Through reading through this guide, I learnt that she will NOT be appearing in any more Spiderman movies, which is not too good, as she is really good at portraying Mary-Jane.
    She is unfortunately appearing in more chick flicks now, which is putting me off of her a bit, but no matter: So long as I have some of her better DVDs, I reckon I'll remain loyal.
    Thats all, See Yas!
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    She is not that bad, though sometimes I think that she looks herself much more of a sexy model or sex symbol above everything else. I remembered when she was in Jumanji with all her innocence, and now she is kind of more into the acting world, but has not make that great movies, and has certainly fall into a "fame trap." Still, I like some of her movies, and overall she is a good actress.
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    Kirsten Dunst has surprisingly blossomed into a really talented actress after having gotten her star in "Interview With the Vampire" when she was a young girl. Now, she is one of the most highly sought after actresses in Hollywood. She's pulled off dramatic roles just as well as comedic roles.
  • Saw her in Jumanji, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2

    Kirsten Dunst is one beautiful young women, she was young when she played in Jumanji, she played Judy and her performance was great the next movie I saw her in was Spider-Man, I couldn't believe that was the same girl. She whent from a cute little girl in jumanji, to a beautiful young vibert woman who is not so little anymore, anyway she is an amazing actress that grows with each film that she makes.
  • Kirsten Dunst is such an amazing actress!

    Kirsten Dunst picks all the movies that are so cool like Bring it on and obviously Spiderman and stuff. She is so good at acting and she alos has that outgoing felling to her when you see her act. I totally wanted to see her movie Elizabethen Town but I couldn't but she and Orlando Bloom look so cute together! I wish they were going out instead f Kate Bowsworth but oh well. Then Kisten is so stylish and then again she just picks great movies to star in and she just looks great. I love the Jake Gyllenhaal relationship.
  • Sexy...

    Kirsten Dunst is one of the best women I have ever seen in my life and she is so beautiful... I personally like her in Spiderman and in the movie about the little toys, other of the things that I didn't notice was the fact that she was the one who played Judy in Jumanji, well the thing is that I think that Kirsten Dunst is a really talent actress and I also think that she is one of the best actresses that I have ever see on movies, she is so great...
  • Such a beautiful girl with such a huge talent. No doubt she will continue to achieve greatness and come out in more wonderful films in the future.

    Ms. Dunst has such a great talent. I have always enjoyed her films since she was small. Some of my favorite films that include her are Interview with the Vampire, Jumanji, Bring it on and Spiderman. She can transform herself into a snooty cheerleader and then into a serious Mary Jane. Still she always let you know with her that she is sweet and kind. I'm sure her career will go far and blossom as she matures.
  • Lovely, Talented, A true star of her generation. The one, the Only Kiki.

    Kirsten Dunst. An actress of whom I\'ve been a consant fan of since her break-out roles in Interview with the Vampire and Jumanji. She is an actress who exemplifies all the talent, drive and beauty of Golden-age Hollywood legends. The sheer power of her performance as the psychotically deranged vampire Claudia in Interview with the Vampire when she was just 11 years is astonishing. Other roles such as the unassuming film star in Wag the Dog, An emotionally devisated teen in Fifteen and Pregnant and flexing her comedy skills in Bring it on. Her most famous role has of course been As Mary-Jane in the Spiderman films. Someone to watch in the future. She\'s sure to go far.

    She's my most favorite actress. Such young, but already very talented. I think she\'s best roles in movies The Virgin Suicide and Spider Man. Besides she goes right to it is thin to experience an image of the heroine which she plays that can it is far not each actress. Except for that Kirsten very beautiful, that also is important in the movie-industry. But it\'s just my opinion
  • She's Cool

    Kirsten Dunst is a very good actress. She can play a cheerleading blonde in Bring it On. She can be a victim of a dangerous plot in Spider Man. Or she can be playing a board game all day long in Jaminji, and she'll still look great! She has a wonderful fashion style and a great smile. Plus she was in over 20 commercials by the age of 11.
  • What more can i say?

    i really like her as an actress, i know she done many teenage flims and she done few serious flims also, i really like her in 'Get Over It' she was cool in that, 'Bring It On' was average but the flim that made me stand-up and realise she was a good actress was 'Crazy/Beautiful'. That was really a tear-jerker and very emotional flim for me to watch.

    Having said these postive things i have kinda of grown off her, i watch 'Mona Lisa Smiles' because of her and she was awful in that flim, i was disappointed she did star in that flim. Wimbledom was a better flim for her. i will still watch her flims

    How could i forget the spiderman flims, she starred in, i really like her as mary-alice, Her red-hair was beautiful, it's strange the fact she dyed her hair for the flim, she look stunning as a red-head but i kinda of got used to her as a blonde , i still need to figure whether she natural blonde?.