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  • Glad she is better.

    Plays a good full of herself person on General Hospital. Good actress. Beautiful.
  • Fantastic in Zenon movies

    The Zenon movies are so great.

    I wish there would be a Zenon 4 movie and have Zenon get married with all her friends and family there. Especially it would be great to have all the same actors again all together that played the main characters and would be great to see the character Dasha again.
  • so good!

    The Zenon movies are the BEST!! She is so talented!! I miss her playing Belle on Days of Our Lives, she was so good!! Kirsten is one the most talented girls out there, she does a fantastic job playing Bonnie on Kim Possible, wonderful actress!! Maybe one day they will make another Zenon movie, because those are some of the best disney channel movies ever!!! Above all this girl ROCKS!! she is pretty and super talented!!
  • Very pretty and talented. I find her likable and funny at the same time.

    I never really saw her on Days of our lives or General Hospitial, the first time I saw her was on the Disney Channel for Zenon. She was cute but very young and played the role perfectly and I wanted to see her on other things. I only saw her once on Days and GH, see has turned into a beautiful and talented young actress that should move on.

    She tried with on show but it failed, it was the wrong choice for her but I support her in trying again and never stopping. I can't wait until she gets the fame she deserves.
  • She's pretty cool! I just hope shoe wont do anything stupid too stay at the top.

    Kirsten Stroms is one of the best actresses Disney has out there. She has been in six Disney movies, and they wouldn't of been that great or intrasting if she wasn't in them. I love her as Bonnie, she plays the mean popular girl so well. She also plays the good girl that everyone loves very good. I haven't seen her act in soap opreas yet, but I pretty sure she is good at it. She's very beautiful, and I heard that she can sing very well. If she does come out with a CD, I will so buy it!