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  • Kirsten Vangsness from Criminal Minds
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Although Kirsten Vangsness is currently starring in Criminal Minds as Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia, she is well-known in the Los Angeles theater community and as a performance artist. Kirsten is an active member of Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood. Her hard work has earned her the 15 Minutes…more


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    • Kirsten: (explaining how her role on Criminal Minds was developed) Shemar, whom I'd never met, came in and sat next to me. And we had a sexual harassment meeting we had to go to after we got done reading, and we sat next to each other and sexually harassed each other the whole time through this meeting. And the writers saw us, and then all of a sudden the part that was tiny got bigger and bigger.

    • Kirsten: (on hanging out with her "Criminal Minds" co-stars) It really is fun, everyone is sweet and has their own weirdness about them and when you combine it all, it really is lovely.

    • Kirsten: (on the similarities between herself and her character, Penelope, in "Criminal Minds") I haven't used my eighth grade math skills of Venn diagrams in a while, but if there was a Penelope Garcia and Kirsten Vangsness Venn diagram, the middle part would be really full.

    • Kirsten: I'm a theater girl. I like to learn my lines last month... I work so hard on my lines. I'm the one take wonder.

    • Kirsten: (in a March 2005 interview) In five years I see myself being truer to what my intentions are and being very brave and having my career at a momentum that I can afford to help others more. I want to have a hybrid too.

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  • She Inspired a soldier in our nation's Army to sell out to Wiki Leaks

    Kristen decided to take the judges' offer and work for the FBI. She is salaried anyway but instead of being just another federally incarcerated prisoner she sings in the episodes she's in of Criminal Minds. I see a new season opportunity for her and acting brother Mathew ,(Dr. Reid) where terrorist trap everyone in the unit building somewhere else by taking out the electric grid in . and surrounding area and together the twosome devise a hacking project that allows them generated power to track the local cell down and she and the young doctor stop the signal and tells the other team members where they can find them. Naturally, Rossi's here to fore secret talent of flying the jet is introduced in the premiere and they fly to the location, turn the dudes in and Rossi gets to rest while the real pilots manage to get to their location and fly them back to the . dang, I'm good.moreless