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  • I knew knew Kirsty from Prisoner, but even having met her almost a decade ago and at 5 in the morning, she always stook in my mind.

    Kirsty's charecter 'Willie Beecham' was dramatic and emotional, her charecter could switch through 5 different moods in one scene and Kirstie pulled this off in genuine and comical way. Her animated face and well considered tone of voice always portrayed her charecters mood well and gave life to a charecter which for anyone isn't the easiest charecter to bring to life. Willies over the top behaviour had to be perfectly toned to be believeable, it could have been very easy to have just played the charecter as a sketch show charecter, just trying to be funny, but instead each extreme mood of Willies comes to life in a believable way that is still very funny but not seemingly deliberate.

    Kirstys talent as an actress glowed in the charecter of Willie, it's a shame people dont always see the skill that went into her.moreless