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  • Kix equally talented half of a super-duo

    Before turned into the site it is today, I was the editor at for Kix Brooks, and my biography is the one shown here on this page. There isn't much more I can say about Kix that I haven't already said, except since I wrote that bio a few years ago, he has continued to write amazing songs, as well as participate in phenomenal touring. Kix is usually known simply as the "one with the hat" but he is actually an extremely talented musician, as well as a prolific songwriter. Listen to "Memory Town" on the Brooks & Dunn CD \"Red Dirt Road\" and you will quickly see his vocal talent as well as his songwriting abilities. He has a great personality and a sly grin. He is also a very charitable person and works closely with Laughter for the Children, a childhood cancer charity in Nashville. Kix Brooks is an amazing person.