Klea Scott

Klea Scott


12/25/1968, Panama Canal Zone, Panama

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    • Klea Scott: (On Millennium) There amount of humor on the set maintains your sanity, really. The danger is in letting yourself go to a place of not giving respect to the tragedies around you - making it glib. So you find balances.

    • Klea Scott: Sometimes I'm alone, reading books, research about case studies, things that have happened to real people...and it creeps into your psyche. Even dealing with fake blood, or bodies that get up when they say 'cut' - situations that you know aren't real - the fact that you believe in them as an actor for a time makes them upsetting. I need to do things to get completely away from it on the weekends

    • Klea Scott: (On her role character in Intelligence) She's fierce and ferocious, with a practical side. She has an unapologetic confidence in her abilities, and a single minded pursuit of ambition. The CSIS job is her focus throughout the season. She's had a taste of power, her kingdom expanding, and she feels this need to be in control.

    • Klea Scott: (On her role in Intelligence) The writing was fantastic. I had not seen a woman's role in the crime genre so well developed, with her personal life as well as her job. Often when they're looking for a native, Asian, or African actor, it's to round out politically correct numbers. Mary's complex and flawed, and that really appealed to me.

    • Klea Scott: (On being black) I think it is in everything I do. It's who I am.