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  • a really good player one of the best ever and a future hall of famer that won multiple rings

    kobey bryant is and will go down as one of the best players in nba history and is one of the higest scores on the lakers. and in the nba. he is really good and has won muliple rings. he came into the nba from high school and reached as stautes such as other greats like joran and other hall of famers have. he could very well in few years be the face of the lakers as other greats like kareem and magic . this is one great player .he has also had his problem with his wife. a man that help the nba be what it is today
  • One of the best players.

    The rating by no means reflects my view of him as a player, but as a person in the public eye. The debacle in Colorado was what made me never look at the dude the same way. Guilty or not, I don't think that the whole story is discovered. But getting to his play as a sports figure, he is among the very best in the game. He is a bit selfish at times, but for good reason. Maximum effort, great defense and a drive to win makes Kobe Bryant different from most other NBA players in that he wants to win. Thank you.
  • Talented player but sometimes controversial and arrogant.

    The other reviewer Gm had it right while Kobe is a great player, he nonetheless has gathered a lot for himself. It's just not the Colorado scandal that really started this, but it's his crying and whining for Shaq, the league and putting himself above others in the league.

    You remember last season? The Lakers went ahead 3-1 against the Suns then they dropped the ball by losing four games, and who could forget Kobe sitting his sorry butt down in Game 7 not even attempting to be competitive as the Lakers were being humiliated by the Suns and being eliminated by the Suns. Then he had the nerve to call Charles Barkley and issue insults after Barkley had some criticism for the egomaniac. It's almost fun to see Kobe really self-destruct. I'am a Laker fan, but Kobe's attitude has really put down that organization more than once. All this nonsense about this all being Shaq's fault is just pure contrived nonsense by fanboys and fangirls who really don't know anything. If it wasn't for Shaq on board the Lakers would not have won a title. They've proven the last two seasons that they really do miss him a lot more than they admit.

    Still, Kobe is a top player and star. He produces and does produce wins. He is the best player and on a really average team that no doubt would be in the gutter without him. His 81 points last season against the equally crappy Toronto Raptors was fun, but the ending was less than satisfying. Now he's got people like Lamar Odom to help him out, but if Kobe really wants to go far, he'll have to put his ego aside and shut up and play.
  • He's an outstanding ball player.. just too much of a ball hog, if you ask me, and a lot of other people, too.

    Like I said. Don't get me wrong. Kobe Bryant is an oustanding basketball player, and his rapid amount of dunks really thrills me. But he has got to learn how to share the ball with other teammates. In my opinion, he's too much of a ball hog. LeBron James, as well, used to not be that way much, but he's catching on to the Kobe Bryant ways, unfortunately.

    I know, I know. Kobe Bryant has scored 81 points before. He's gone on a stretch of about five games or so, where he had scored fifty or more points last season. I know, I know. What? I said I know! I mean, I give props to him. But maybe this offseason, he might want to join a special basketball camp, dedicated to one major thing. Assists.
  • Kobe Bryant is one of the best current basketball players ever. Kobe has the skills.

    Kobe Bryant was drafted straight out of high school and he first played for the Hornets. Now he plays for the LA Lakers. Kobe has all kinds of lay up tricks. He always be making them. Kobe can shoot. He also scored 81 points in one game. He made NBA history. I hope he does it again or get close to 81 points. Kobe also had a feud with Shaq when Shaq was playing for the Lakers. They were fighting. But him and Shaq are straight now. So I hope Kobe keeps it up and I hope he continues to score high points next season and win another championship.
  • Kobe Bryant is the greatest Basketball player of his generation.

    You all should bow down to greatness, Kobe Bryant has the best skills and tools to be the best Basketball player ever, whether or not you like him you have to respect his play and what he has done for the game of Basketball. He has Three Championships and has scored 81 points in a game and has had to many buzzer beaters that have been old school highlights to this day. I believe he will win more Championships and eventually an MVP, he has had a career that most will never have and he will be in the Hall of Fame.
  • An all around player, the only thing he lacks is teammates but I bet you if he gets a quality player who is gonna step up every game then you will witness the unstopable Kobe. Don't say nothing negative when you read this, just give this man come credit.

    Kobe is the man and if you love basketball or know a thing or two about the game then you would agree that Kobe is a great player otherwise you are being a hater because whoever you like Kobe does it ten times better and greater, he can score whenever he feels like it so just give me one reason ya'll don't like the man and I will tell you otherwise.
  • Simply the best.

    What can you say, Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA. He leads his team, the Lakers, every game night against the best players in the world and the best teams in the league. His game is complete all around, he can shoot (obviously), he can pass the ball, he can rebound, he plays defense, and of course always makes the spectacular plays. He also contributes to his teammates by dishing them the ball and creates open shots for them, too, when double-teamed. Whether it's a regular season game or a playoff game, Kobe is always at the top of his game. Who else would you give the ball to with the game on the line but Kobe, he is amazing.
  • Kobe Bryant is the best Basketball Player ever.

    I can't believe I didn't write a review on this guy, anyway Kobe Bryant has the best skills and tools to be the best Basketball player ever, whether or not you like him you have to respect his play and what he has done for the game of Basketball. He has Three Championships and has scored 81 points in a game and has had to many buzzer beaters that have been old school highlights to this day. I believe he will win more Championships and eventually an MVP, he has had a career that most will never have and he will be in the Hall of Fame.
  • When I watched him play against the Pacers and Sixers in the finals, there's just something about him that makes you want to hate him. However, you can't deny his skills.

    If you aren't a Lakers fan, and you watch this guy play, there's just something that you don't like about him despite knowing almost nothing of him. Then you realize that it's because the Lakers are such a dominant team, and someone needs to be blamed for all the hate. Though it just had to be Kobe. Outside of his fans in LA, Kobe will be more famous for his rape case in Colorado, his infamous philosophy of ball hogging, and choking after fortifying a 3-1 lead against the second seeded Phoenix Suns in the playoffs. However, a lot of people overlook an aspect within him, and it's his heart.

    Aside from his spectacular skillset of offensive weapons, Kobe Bryant is actually a nice and mature player. Even in his rookie season, when he was 18, while everyone in the bus was reading Sports Illustrated, Kobe was reading Time. When he grew up, he was so happy that for Christmas, he got a basketball, because as a kid, he was a loner, and would simply play the one sport he loves so much. People are quick to put the fault on Kobe after Shaq left for Miami, and winning a ring with Dwyane Wade. Whatever the answer is, Kobe did a magnificant job without the big man with an inexperienced roster. He had a great season in 04-05, almost seeming that the Lakers were a lock for the playoffs, but injuries plagued them. In 05-06, with the arrival of Phil Jackson, the Lakers are headed back to the playoffs, meeting the Phoenix Suns, whom they lost to after gaining a 3-1 lead. Kobe was seen to quit on his team, but you can't do much when Kwame Brown can't make a damn basket. The games they did win, Kobe did a spectacular job anchoring the offense, making slick passes to all of his teammates. In the future, don't be surprised if we got to see more of this new dimension on Kobe's game.
  • I hate his guts, but Kobe is definitely one of the greatest players ever.

    Kobe went to the NBA straight from high school and has been one of the best basketball players in the world during the past eight or so years. Bryant is one of the most hated players in the game today because of his arrogance and selfishness. I dislike him mostly because he acted like he owned the league when he was just a struggling eighteen year old rookie and still made the all-star team with terrible numbers but immense popularity. I don't believe he really raped that girl, but Kobe has consistently brought down the play of his teammates and forced Phil Jackson and Shaq out of town so he could be the face of the franchise. Even though I hate him, there's no player I fear more if I'm an opposing coach. Kobe is a terrific player and rooting against him makes the NBA season much funner.
  • He will be the best.

    Kobe Bryant is the best player to ever step foot on the court. People say that Michael Jordan was, but Kobe will be even better. He already has 3 championships with the Lakers. He already has and 81 point game, second most in history. He won the Dunk Contest as a rookie. He's won countless awards. The youngest player to ever play in an NBA game. There will be more of all this to come. If you think Kobe sucks then your probably just jelous or probably wanting him on your team. Kobe is plain and simple the best there is.
  • I like this guy.

    He has his own standards in basketball and tries dang hard to make them. He lost some fans after the Colorado Scandal but he regained his footing after he scored many 50+ games in 2005-2006. I do like him , it is up to him to ressurect the once thriving Lakers and he is a very modest man who is very outspoken.
  • He can't be compared to Mike. Face it Jordan would school him. Kobe Bryant is overrated.

    Kobe Bryant is so overrated. He isn't even Michael Jordan's league, Jordan averaged 30 points a game, Kobe can barely average 26 points a game. Jordan could actually hit clutch shots, Kobe never hits clutch shots. Jordan has won more rings, more mvps, more scoring titles, more fame then Kobe has. Face it Kobe isn't as good as Jordan. He's never shot about 40% in his career! He couldn't ever carry the Lakers to the playoffs, when Jordan was the main guy in the Bulls in his early years he single handedly carried them. The only reason Kobe is considered good is because he can dunk. Look at what the Detroit Pistons did, they schooled him in the NBA Finals. Kobe depends on Shaquille O Neal, the human machine. Shaq is unstoppable in the paint, because he'll dunk. Kobe is always open because they double Shaq. He can't even create good shots for himself. Look at Kobe Bryant, the only way he can even score is if he hits 1 jumper and get fouled the next 8 times. He's not even close to M.J. I don't mind the sex scandal, but face it as a basketball player he Lebron James, nor Dwayne Wade could compare to M.J.

    Alot of people hate on this man because of the crime he has commited. We will only know if we was there, we really should'nt judge him. I don't like the girl he was with, I think she lied about the whole thing. She was with 2 other men, and she stopped the case. Keep doing your thing Kobe!
  • The BEST player in the NBA.

    Like I said, Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA. He is better than Michael Jordan and everyone else. Although Dwayne Wade might be better.. no wait.. he isn't. Kobe is so good, I bet he could climb mount Mount Everest.. while dribbling a basketball. God Bless Kobe.