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  • When I watched him play against the Pacers and Sixers in the finals, there's just something about him that makes you want to hate him. However, you can't deny his skills.

    If you aren't a Lakers fan, and you watch this guy play, there's just something that you don't like about him despite knowing almost nothing of him. Then you realize that it's because the Lakers are such a dominant team, and someone needs to be blamed for all the hate. Though it just had to be Kobe. Outside of his fans in LA, Kobe will be more famous for his rape case in Colorado, his infamous philosophy of ball hogging, and choking after fortifying a 3-1 lead against the second seeded Phoenix Suns in the playoffs. However, a lot of people overlook an aspect within him, and it's his heart.

    Aside from his spectacular skillset of offensive weapons, Kobe Bryant is actually a nice and mature player. Even in his rookie season, when he was 18, while everyone in the bus was reading Sports Illustrated, Kobe was reading Time. When he grew up, he was so happy that for Christmas, he got a basketball, because as a kid, he was a loner, and would simply play the one sport he loves so much. People are quick to put the fault on Kobe after Shaq left for Miami, and winning a ring with Dwyane Wade. Whatever the answer is, Kobe did a magnificant job without the big man with an inexperienced roster. He had a great season in 04-05, almost seeming that the Lakers were a lock for the playoffs, but injuries plagued them. In 05-06, with the arrival of Phil Jackson, the Lakers are headed back to the playoffs, meeting the Phoenix Suns, whom they lost to after gaining a 3-1 lead. Kobe was seen to quit on his team, but you can't do much when Kwame Brown can't make a damn basket. The games they did win, Kobe did a spectacular job anchoring the offense, making slick passes to all of his teammates. In the future, don't be surprised if we got to see more of this new dimension on Kobe's game.