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  • Talented player but sometimes controversial and arrogant.

    The other reviewer Gm had it right while Kobe is a great player, he nonetheless has gathered a lot for himself. It's just not the Colorado scandal that really started this, but it's his crying and whining for Shaq, the league and putting himself above others in the league.

    You remember last season? The Lakers went ahead 3-1 against the Suns then they dropped the ball by losing four games, and who could forget Kobe sitting his sorry butt down in Game 7 not even attempting to be competitive as the Lakers were being humiliated by the Suns and being eliminated by the Suns. Then he had the nerve to call Charles Barkley and issue insults after Barkley had some criticism for the egomaniac. It's almost fun to see Kobe really self-destruct. I'am a Laker fan, but Kobe's attitude has really put down that organization more than once. All this nonsense about this all being Shaq's fault is just pure contrived nonsense by fanboys and fangirls who really don't know anything. If it wasn't for Shaq on board the Lakers would not have won a title. They've proven the last two seasons that they really do miss him a lot more than they admit.

    Still, Kobe is a top player and star. He produces and does produce wins. He is the best player and on a really average team that no doubt would be in the gutter without him. His 81 points last season against the equally crappy Toronto Raptors was fun, but the ending was less than satisfying. Now he's got people like Lamar Odom to help him out, but if Kobe really wants to go far, he'll have to put his ego aside and shut up and play.