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  • He can't be compared to Mike. Face it Jordan would school him. Kobe Bryant is overrated.

    Kobe Bryant is so overrated. He isn't even Michael Jordan's league, Jordan averaged 30 points a game, Kobe can barely average 26 points a game. Jordan could actually hit clutch shots, Kobe never hits clutch shots. Jordan has won more rings, more mvps, more scoring titles, more fame then Kobe has. Face it Kobe isn't as good as Jordan. He's never shot about 40% in his career! He couldn't ever carry the Lakers to the playoffs, when Jordan was the main guy in the Bulls in his early years he single handedly carried them. The only reason Kobe is considered good is because he can dunk. Look at what the Detroit Pistons did, they schooled him in the NBA Finals. Kobe depends on Shaquille O Neal, the human machine. Shaq is unstoppable in the paint, because he'll dunk. Kobe is always open because they double Shaq. He can't even create good shots for himself. Look at Kobe Bryant, the only way he can even score is if he hits 1 jumper and get fouled the next 8 times. He's not even close to M.J. I don't mind the sex scandal, but face it as a basketball player he Lebron James, nor Dwayne Wade could compare to M.J.