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  • He's an outstanding ball player.. just too much of a ball hog, if you ask me, and a lot of other people, too.

    Like I said. Don't get me wrong. Kobe Bryant is an oustanding basketball player, and his rapid amount of dunks really thrills me. But he has got to learn how to share the ball with other teammates. In my opinion, he's too much of a ball hog. LeBron James, as well, used to not be that way much, but he's catching on to the Kobe Bryant ways, unfortunately.

    I know, I know. Kobe Bryant has scored 81 points before. He's gone on a stretch of about five games or so, where he had scored fifty or more points last season. I know, I know. What? I said I know! I mean, I give props to him. But maybe this offseason, he might want to join a special basketball camp, dedicated to one major thing. Assists.