Komatsu Ayaka

Komatsu Ayaka


7/23/1986, Iwata Prefecture, Japan

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Height: 159 cm (5'3"); blood type: A; astrological sign: Leo; hobbies: making sweets, dancing and playing table tennis. Komatsu Ayaka is a Japanese model, pop-singer and actress who was born on 23rd July 1986 in the Iwate Prefecture. She has started her career as a model in the…more


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    • (when asked about Sailor V being a second protagonist and how she felt about the heroine being chosen)
      Komatsu: At first I thought that, since Sailor V was someone who doesn't really have much to do with the others, I was pretty lucky to have gotten her part, but this part has actually been quite a big deal... is how I think at least. Regardless, I want to play Sailor V as someone who is is cool and good, and Sailor Venus (as the Princess) as someone who can intensely pull everyone [forward].

    • (when asked about the 5 Sailor senshi getting along)
      Komatsu: Of course, all of us are friends! With everyone together we've been combining our powers and working hard.

    • (when asked about how can she improve in the future)
      Komatsu: Singing! I'm pretty bad at it but I've truly been doing my all at it so please be sure to listen!

    • (when asked about her thoughts when she first saw pictures of herself in her costume in magazines and posters)
      Komatsu: Unexpectedly, its well matched.... (laughs)

    • (when asked about her impressions when she met Takeuchi-sensei
      Komatsu: She's slender and beautiful!

    • Komatsu (when asked about her difficult things when taping and the fun things): The difficult part is having to wake up really early in the morning! I'm not an early riser... "Ah, a girl after my own heart." The fun part would be when everyone's all together and we pass the time with fun and excitement.

    • Komatsu (when asked about first impression when she first went to the set): When I first went to the set I thought, "There are so many people here, wow..." Everyone on the staff is very gentle and good natured.

    • Komatsu (when asked about how she's like Aino Minako, and in what ways does she differ from it): I don't really know. That's something that I'd like to see from now on, I think. The places where we're different are... Aino Minako, as Sailor V and the Princess, is a character who actively goes and leads people. But for me, conversely, I always help from the side. That's where I think we differ.

    • Komatsu (when asked about how it felt when she first put on Venus's costume) At that time, also, I was really happy! But I wasn't sure if the hairpiece really fit me, so I was kind of nervous about that...

    • Komatsu (when asked about her nickname that they call her on the set): That'd probably be "Mina-chan"!

    • Komatsu (when asked about her cell phone's melody): Hamasaki Ayumi's "Forgiveness."

    • Komatsu Ayaka (when asked if there are any scenes from the manga that she remembers): What sticks out to me... well probably Aino Minako's clumsy blunders.

    • Komatsu Ayaka (about the moment when she was chosen to play Sailor Venus): I was so happy! But I was also thinking, "I wonder if its all right if its me?"

  • Her career started when she played a girl attacked by a vampire, in a horror movie. Since then, she done so much more.

    Komatsu Ayaka is, in my opinion, one of the best Japanese actresses there are. Her portrayal of Sailor Venus was impressive. I would have never imagined a real person could play my favorite female anime character so good, but somehow, Komatsu has succeeded. However, that isn't the only reason I admire her for. She is also a very talented singer, having some beautiful songs which, even if you don't really understand the lyrics, you can still enjoy.

    She has been featured on covers of Japanese idols magazines, and even has her own modeling agency.

    So if you ever have the chance to listen to one of her songs or watch a movie starring her, do it. Trust me, you'll love her.moreless