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  • Kris Allen was the "Dark Horse" in season 8 of American Idol and surprised the world when he came out on top.

    I love Kris Allen! I am so happy he won American Idol. Don't get me wrong, I thought Adam Lambert was extremely talented as well, but Kris completely won me over. Kris had to work really hard to win American over. Going into the top 36 he had hardly had any airtime what-so-ever. I remember being so mad when he first made it into the top 13! I was like who is this guy, he shouldn't be here. But now I am so happy America gave him a chance. Week after week he improved and really won me over. The first performance of his that I really remembering being like 'wow' was when he did "Ain't No Sunshine." I remember sitting their amazed at what I had just seen. After that, he had my vote week after week. With performances like "Falling Slowly" and "Heartless" Kris eventually won over the hearts of America. Some still will say he wasn't the deserving winner of American Idol, but I truly believe he deserved it just as much as Adam. I think that Kris will go on to sell millions of albums and people will start giving him the credit he deserves! Go Kris!
  • Put all of the American Idol hype and the whole Kris vs. Adam debate aside and what do you have? Two very talented artists. One being Kris Allen.

    Kris Allen is what American Idol is about. A diamond in the rough. Someone with raw talent who got better and better as the show progressed. Not only is Kris an extremely talented singer and musician but he is also an all-around nice guy and good person. It is unfortunate that Adam fans hate on Kris because he won when in actuality both men are extremely talented and have bright futures ahead of them. I for one cannot wait for Kris' album to be released because if its anything like one of his Idol performances I know it will be phenomenal.

    Kris seems like a sweet guy, but he really can't hold a note. Adam's talent FAR surpasses that of Kris's. Adam hasn't had one bad performance, and Kris FINALLY was OKAY last week...just like in the nick of time. I think Kris also lacks confidence. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing him, and wish both guys much success, but Adam is already an idol and his theatrical experience adds to his outstanding stage performance. As far as the other contestants, I was bored...sorry. Seems like AI always puts the underdog with the real talent. OK, so Kris can play the guitar, so what? We are supposed to be judging them on their singing ability, not whether or not they can play an instrument, sexual preference, religion, race, etc. Seems to be the hype these very sad. Adam will always be my idol, no matter what!
  • Kris Allen exudes quality in every respect. There is an innocence about him which should never be hacked off by money-grubbers such as agents, managers, producers and the like. That is where he will need his strength, and his God.

    To be a star requires much. To be an "idol" requires an almost indefinable touch of grace, presence or je ne sais qua - being special in a special way. He is the clear choice in my opinion and the others, who are good, should make plenty of money using their talents. Kris Allen can go as high as Carnegie Hall, Broadway, Royal Command Performances and ????...

    Kris Allen should be in England auditioning with Andrew LLoyd Webber & panel, for the role of Joseph in the Technicolor Dreamcoat, while he wins here as Idol. :-))

    There is so much revealed in his face - character, strength, generosity, gentleness/empathy, humility and goodness.

    You go, Kris!!!!!!!! Don't let anyone ruin your dream(s). You're above all of that.
  • Kris keep it up and i believe you can do it.

    Unfortunately here in S.A we only get to see the episodes on Wednesday and Thursday evening. I love the American Idols. Kris is great and i hope he goes up to the top 3.
    It is sad that Allison Grace got voted off. She would have made it very far. Kris must not relax at all with his performances. Just take every show a step higher and higher. The show is of good quality and should stay that way. Still can't get use to Simon Cowell's attitude towards some of the contestants but i believe there await a few surprises
  • kris allen

    go kris !!!!
    he is the best in american idol this year he has a very nice voice and when he plays on the Guitar he sings very well and he is better than adam , matt and danny and we all should vote for him because he realy realy Deserves to win the american idol this year American Idol were very lucky to have him in this season because he is the best singer This the first time i have seen american idol and i love this Series so much because they have a such singer so i hope he wins