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  • Kris Allen was the "Dark Horse" in season 8 of American Idol and surprised the world when he came out on top.

    I love Kris Allen! I am so happy he won American Idol. Don't get me wrong, I thought Adam Lambert was extremely talented as well, but Kris completely won me over. Kris had to work really hard to win American over. Going into the top 36 he had hardly had any airtime what-so-ever. I remember being so mad when he first made it into the top 13! I was like who is this guy, he shouldn't be here. But now I am so happy America gave him a chance. Week after week he improved and really won me over. The first performance of his that I really remembering being like 'wow' was when he did "Ain't No Sunshine." I remember sitting their amazed at what I had just seen. After that, he had my vote week after week. With performances like "Falling Slowly" and "Heartless" Kris eventually won over the hearts of America. Some still will say he wasn't the deserving winner of American Idol, but I truly believe he deserved it just as much as Adam. I think that Kris will go on to sell millions of albums and people will start giving him the credit he deserves! Go Kris!