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Kris Perkins


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Kris Perkins has travelled around the world most of her life. At age 30 she met Jon Buehlar, and together they competed in The Amazing Race (Season 6) and raced across the globe which began in downtown, Chicago visiting 4 continents, 11 countries, travelled 59,000 miles and finished…more


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  • Kris was a great person on TAR 6 and I will really be upset If her and Jon don't return for All-Stars 2!

    Out of all the teams who participated on Season 6, she and Jon were awesome! There were a few silly teams on that one but they just made It whole!

    Season 6 was also my favorite of all seasons because of the suspense, locations and the feeling, the teams on It were decent, Kris & Jon would easily be the best team on TAR 6, they were kind, competitive and unforgettable. They were going to enter All-Stars but failed the audition, so I'm a little upset about that. Just hope they enter on All Stars 2! Very nice people they were!moreless
  • These two people who showed us how cool they can be under stressful situation should be emulated by some of the contenders of the amazing race.

    Kris together with Jon is one of the few people that are really amazing.They kept their cool under such stressful situation. I wish I would have an update on their lives as to where they are now and what they have been doing. They are really great and amazing. Their show of support and patience on each other makes you realize that people do always have a choice of being nice or not in circumstances that may sometimes be beyond them but these two people showed that they can be cool and patient and even kind even when the odds were against them. There should be more people like them so that others can emulate them. Way to go guys!moreless