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Kris William Bentley Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Aleisha and Billy's romance in the Big Brother house prompted their nick-name 'Ali-B'.

    • Billy admits to spending most of his money on snowboarding gear, travelling and partying.

    • Billy lists his heroes as Superman, Batman & Robin, and The Incredible Hulk.

    • Billy's favorite book is Killer Boots.

    • Billy's favorite television programs include: Prison Break, Greys Anatomy, and Aerobics Oz Style.

    • Billy's favorite actors are Owen Wilson & Ben Stiller.

    • Billy's favorite movies include: Zoolander, American History X, Primal Fear, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, and Lucky Number Slevin.

    • Billy's favorite music includes: Snow Patrol, Dashboard Confessional, The Killers, Eminem, Kanye West, Jeff Buckley, and Evermore.

    • Billy's motto is: Living the dream at the moment!!!

    • Andrew and Hayley's secret relationship in the Big Brother house was revealed to their fellow housemates after a week, closely followed by the revelation that Hayley's ex-boyfriend, Billy, was also in the house.

    • Before Billy was revealed to be 'Mr. X', and Hayley's ex boyfriend, he was given a number of challenges by Big Brother. These included:
      Day 2: Saying "Goodnight Hayley, sweet dreams" before going to bed;
      Day 3: Becoming Hayley's best friend and waiting on her 'hand and foot' for an entire day;
      Day 4: When asked to take a housemate with him to feed the animals, he had to choose Hayley; and
      Day 5: Becoming Andrew's best friend for an entire day.

    • Billy is initially from New South Wales, Australia, but was backpacking in Canada when approached by Big Brother producers. The producers flew him to Australia and placed him in lockdown for two weeks prior to the series start.

    • Billy's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house in 2007 was as an insurance broker.

    • Kris was known as 'Billy' throughout the 2007 season of Big Brother. It is common for housemates to be reffered to by their middle names or nick-names when there are other housemates by the same name.

  • Quotes

    • Billy: (on Hayley) Awesome bird but she can be very melodramatic.

    • Billy: (on continuing his relationship with "Big Brother" winner Aleisha) We will catch up. But we're in two different states. We will make an effort, but it's going to be hard.

    • Billy: (on the possibility of Aleisha traveling with him after "Big Brother") We've been honest with each other about what the future holds. We're both at different stages of our lives, and I know she wants to travel - so if she wants to come, it's up to her. But she doesn't like the snow, so we'll wait and see.

    • Billy: (to Aleisha during "Big Brother") You and I have been real with each other – [we've] gotta face reality. You're gonna get out of here and you're gonna have blokes coming up to you and I'm gonna have girls who might come after me. That's the truth.

    • Billy: I'm a rock star on a roadie's salary.

    • Billy: (describing the best job he's ever had) A lift assistant at a ski resort. It doesn't get much better than living and working on the mountain.