Kris Williams

Kris Williams


2/20/1981, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

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    • Kris: (when asked if she'd return to Ghost Hunters after GHI was cancelled) Not going back to GH was my choice. There is no bad will, no drama. I love everyone over on GH and I love Syfy. I am very grateful for the time I spent on GH and everything I have experienced. I am personally just ready for something new- life is about moving forward, it's about taking on new challenges.

    • Kris: (when asked if she sings) Oh god, no. I only sing to people I want to torture.

  • Sad to see you go or more like sad to not have you return!!!!!!

    I am truly sad to know Kris will no longer be on GH. Not only is she one of the original new members. Coming on the show around the same time as Dave Tango, but she was the only female that showed very little if no fear. She would crawl into small space, dark holes, and the like without any complaints whatsoever. Which made me admire her for her shear bravery. Now remember this was a time when female GH's did not do those kinda things. She was a true pioneer in her field and will be deeply missed. Not to mention she is an absolutely beautiful young lady. Hope only the best for her. With all my heart!!!!!moreless