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  • Oh, what a beautiful, gorgeous actress!!! Can't wait to see her on her new show this fall!!!

    I think the world of Krista Allen. She is THE MOST beautiful actress I've seen on TV and in the movies!!! I liked her on "Liar, Liar", wept for her on CSI, and got me watching "Baywatch!" What I also like about her the most is that she can act and has a personality and on-screen presence that is only matched by her beauty. I hope to meet her soon!!!

    P.S. On a side note, look out for FOX fall's "Head Cases" on September and let me know what you guys think!!!

    P.P.S. What I missed about Krista Allen was that she was, according to some websites on the internet, on a show called "Emmanuelle in Space." Somehow, that managed to slip past me. Still, I think she's beautiful.