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  • Not the best actress but...

    I do like her as a person. Beautiful. Funny.
  • Great acting!

    She is good at captivating her audience with her well played character roles. :) GO VM!
  • Just amazing.

    Kristen first came over my radar in Pulse she was great in it. After avoiding Vmars for soooo long just not beleving it was good i bought the DVD's when they where on Amazon for cheap. Boy after watching it i just felt so bad for not getting it earlier. I know the writings amazing but KB just has such comedy timing and dramatic timing. When V mars ended i nearly cried. When she joined heroes i was sceptical about her being evil!?!?! But Elle is great i just love her in anything even Pulse! KB also has two new films coming out which i'm dyin to see Forgettin sarah marshall and fan boys!
  • Smoking hot.

    I will say Kristen Bell may be the hottest woman on television. She was one of the main reasons why I watched Heroes and it really sucked when she was killed off. For the record, she is smoking hot. But I do have to say that she is a great actress as well. I remember seeing her on Veronica Mars. I didn't like the show very much, but I did have a huge crush on Kristen Bell. I think she has that sort of edge to her that makes her so interesting. I hope they will bring her back to Heroes as that would really make my day. Thank you.
  • Kristen Bell: My all time favourite actress.

    I love KB. She was amaing on Veronica Mars and Heroes. She is the perfect mix of funny, smart, witty and beautiful! I really wished her role on Heroes as Elle was permenant. I love Elle =]. I hope to see her in many more TV roles and movies. She peforms amazingly at every role, without a doubt. She is young and talented with many years of great things to come.
    X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
  • Talented , funny , beautiful and independent she is every man's dream.

    I have to say I first watched Kristen in Heroes and I thought she was beautiful and played a great role as Elle I loved her character.Elle was attractive , with a side of lunatic and damaged and it was awesome how she managed to create that image. Then I watched " Forgetting Sarah Marshall " which was a very hillarious movie and I liked how she played the b**** and manipulative ex-girlfriend. I decided that I needed more of Kristen so I decided to watch the entire Veronica Mars show and that was just it , I completely and absolutely loved her and now she is one of my favourite actresses. What I like more of her is her strong personality and her great character which will make accomplish every goal she sets in her mind , besides she is gorgeous ;).
  • Kristen Bell is a very talented actress and beautiful person.

    I was a fan of Heros until they Killed off Their Hottiest and Best Character. The show needs Exciting and Sexy Villians as well as Heros. As far as females on the show, Kristen out shined them all. I really wanted Ellie to take down Claire "Big Time" . My hope is that Kristen will get another show like Veronica Mars, where she can call the shots on her own character. I enjoyed seeing her play the bad girl on Heros. Televion needs more actresses like Kristen Bell who can play any part they are given. Good luck to Her.
  • she's gogeous

    K-Bell deserves better role more than Elle in heroes...she has unique performance, is a talented actress. Veronica Mars is one of the most classic image in TV show. I dont get it why CW cut off VM, which is better than Gossip Girl and some other dramas..well, it's hard to say which one is better between VM and OTH, i love them both..but K-Bell is the my favorite actress, no doubte...and she personally is nice, hilarious and charitable. it must be good being her friend i wishes for her, life and career..i hope some day we, her fans, could see new image she performs on the TV, looking forward it :)
  • Date of Birth 18 July 1980, Huntington Woods, Michigan, USA Birth Name Kristen Anne Bell Nickname K-Bell Annie KB Height 5' 1" (1.55 m)

    Kristen graduated from New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied musical theater. She made her Broadway debut in 2001, originating the role of Becky Thatcher in the short-lived "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." In 2002, she was in the revival of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" on Broadway, starring Laura Linney and Liam Neeson. Was raised in suburban Huntington Woods, Michigan, and attended Burton Elementary School in Huntington Woods, Michigan, the same school actress Jessy Hodges and actor David Geister attended.

    Her parents Tom Bell, a television news director, and Lorelei Bell, a registered nurse, divorced when she was two.

    Named #68 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list.

    Has now played two different characters named "Gracie" - in Fifty Pills (2006) and in Gracie's Choice (2004) (TV).

    Is a vegetarian.
  • Kristen Bell is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. I absolutely love veronica mars and i think that without kristen, the show wouldnt have made it past 5 episodes. She made it hilarious and interesting because she is so versatile.

    Kristen Bell is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. I absolutely love veronica mars and i think that without kristen, the show wouldnt have made it past 5 episodes. She made it hilarious and interesting because she is so versatile. It was so great to see that she is now recognised more publicly through her film "forgetting sarah marshall", though it had a more sexual storyline than veronica mars ever did its nice to see that people finally know who she is and hopefully people will watch veronica mars because of this. She really is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses around!
  • She's a awesome actress...

    Kristen Bell is an awesome young actress who is currently one of the biggest stars on TV at the moment. She appeared in cult TV series Veronica Mars in which she plays the title character, I have never seen the show but I do want to see it. She has later appeared as Elle Bishop in one of my favourite shows Heroes, her character is great she is cool and sexy, her ability is so cool she can shock you, literally. The character of Elle Bishop was one of the high points in the second season of Heroes and I can't wait to see her return next season. Kristen Bell has appeared in one of two thousand and eights biggest comedies Forgetting Sarah Marshall in which she again plays the title character, Ireally liked this film and she was great in it , everything I have seen Kristen in she has been great. I'm happy and excited to see more of her in future projects.
  • Kristen Rules.

    What can I say about Kristen Bell? Kristen Bell is awesome, I have seen her on a few things but the one I can remember her is from the most is the tv hit show Heroes. On Heroes, Kristen Bell is awesome, she made season two alot better and her character is amazing, and I don't think they could of picked anyone better to do that part. Anyway, Kristen Bell is an awesoem actress, she is funny and so beautiful. Kristen Bell is really talented and I can't wait to see her on more tv shows and films. She is awesome, and I love her.
  • Simply put, my favourite actress, ever.

    Kristen Bell is definitely my favourite actress right now, and for many reasons. Her physical appearance is just amazing, she's one of the cutest human beings one can imagine! My dream girl!

    Also she never has a bad day. I mean, there are always celebrities that appear to be a pain in the ass on certain interviews or even real life. But I have yet to hear one complaint about Kristen. She's very good to her fans and seems like a very balanced and sweet person.

    The work she's done so far is amazing. OF course, most of us know her from Veronica Mars - one of the best shows on TV. Not just because I say so, but because many critics do, too. It's a cult classic. And what made it that? Or rather, who? Kristen Bell.

    Had Veronica Mars been someone else, the show wouldn't have worked so well. The show was all about her character, her dilemmas, choices,witty lines, romance... and Kristen managed to pull all of these incredibly well.

    She's like a drug. I thought it's impossible to fall in love through the television screen but she proved me wrong... :D Other works of her include Heroes. The only character who I'd say was consistently good in the show's horrible 2nd season. Even though her character was rather poorly defined, she done her best to make Elle Bishop shine. She succedeed. She was probably only featured in 4 episodes, but on fan polls, her character is beating out every other female characters.

    Lately, she's been into the movie biz, and I'm happy for that. It's great to see that FINALLY, someone talented managed to find the road leading into hollywood.... But, my ultimate wish is of course(apart from a Veronica Mars movie!) is that she would return to a TV show where she is - once again - the lead. And this time, not just for 3 seasons, but... 30! or 300!
  • Brains, talent, looks... What more could you want?

    I've seen her first on (my personal favourite) Veronica Mars. I 'fell in love' with her in a second. Fascinating beauty, brains, hey, girl's got talent!! she made me laugh everytime she opened her mouth. She was so convincing and her character was brilliant.

    Her voice was on Gossip girl, it seemed familiar but didn't know why... then I saw on imdb that that was her! And on Heroes- not really the role for her, but since I love Heroes, I loved it even more after she joined the team. Being mean (or just confused) doesn't fit her well.. But she did her job really good.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall- didn't really watch it till the end. Saw trailer and wanted to watch the movie so badly! But then I got it. and now it's still unwatched... just doesn't seem interesting anymore.. or funny...

    But Kristen Bell is great, I will always remember her for her character Veronica Mars, who was superb! Brilliant! Seems like we've got a new tallent in town! and quite for a long time now! Hope she continues with acting. Will be looking forward to see her in .. hopefully tv series. She's better there than in movies...

    Kristen Bell KICKS ASS!
  • Kristen Bell is one of the most amazing actresses in showbiz. A future Oscar winner for sure!

    I first became aware of Kristen Bell with her cult hit TV show Veronica Mars which is without a doubt in my mind one of the most incredible and unforgettable shows to ever grace the small screen. The writing on this show was brilliant, but Kristen's delivery is what made the show truly great.

    After seeing Kristen's flawless performance in Veronica Mars I was curious to see her in other roles and let me tell you she does not disappoint. There is something about this talented beauty that just lets her hit the mark every time and she makes it seem effortless.

    Kristen can and does convey the full spectrum of human emotion in her roles with absolute realism and believability. She can go from a tear jerking delivery to sassy laugh-out-load humour in the blink of an eye and make you feel every millisecond of it.

    Some of Kristen's stand-out performances can be found in The Shield, Gracie's Choice, Spartan, Deadwood, Reefer Madness, Fifty Pills, Pulse, Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Heroes. To top off Kristen's amazing acting skill she is also one of the most genuine down-to-earth people that you will ever meet and also one of the coolest, most adorable personalities you'll ever experience.

    All this and she's absolutely gorgeous as well. Yes I have to conclude that Kristen Bell is the complete package. Everything you could possibly want and more... if you haven't had the KB experience yet then believe me you are missing out on something spectacular.
  • One of the hottest, smartest and most talented young actresses in hollywood right now!

    I first saw kristen when she was playing the title role in one of my favorite tv shows of all time, veronica mars. she did an amazing job with a combination of drama and comedy, she had the best comedic timing and did a great job with all of veronicas witty remarks but also did an amazing job with the emotional side giving her character alot of emotional depth. when vmars was cancelled i was very upset, but since then kristen has been getting alot of great roles. i started watching heroes because of her and she did a great job, even though her character is a 'bad' person she does a great job still making her likeable and she fits in really well with the cast. she has been getting alot of different movie roles and has been doing a great job with all of them and is defintely showing off her range. i love kbell and i am sure she will have a long and sucessful career!
  • Young and talented

    Young and talented, this is what most people think, when you mention the name of Kristen Bell.

    Among the younger generation, being able to act on Broadway is nothing to be shy about. On the contrary, building up a career is more than just getting roles for large amounts of cash, it is also about what you really know, meaning great acting.

    Still I loved her most on "Veronica Mars", where she played that likable character that brought her the breakthrough she needed. I believe that she is still underrated as an actress and that she should win more awards, important ones.
  • Kristen Bell! On Her Way To Hollywood Certification!

    Kristen Bell, a young actress who is definately on her way to Hollywood. She became recognised starring in Spartan alongside Val Kilmer but became a household name when she got her own hit TV show, Veronica Mars, playing the title character (Veronica Mars). Her fame rocketed when she was offered a guest role on Heroes but due to fan support, she got a starring role and was given a contract ensuring she would remain in season 3. Before she was offered a role on Heroes, she accepted an uncredited role as the unseen Gossip Girl on the show of the same name (Gossip Girl) currently airing on The CW. She got a role as Sarah Marshall in the Box Office hit, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, starring alongside Russell Brand and "How I Met Your Mother" star Jason Segel (Marshall Eriksen). She has an upcoming role in Fan Boys, out later this year and upcoming roles in Serious Moonlight, a comedy alongside Meg Ryan, Justin Long and Timothy Hutton and a starring role in When in Rome, alongside the likes of Josh Duhamel and Jon Heder and an upcoming role in an animated Disney Feature out late next year. As you can see, this girl has something to do everyday and I have high hopes that she will be a certified hollywood actress very soon. Well done Kristin; you're destined to go far! As long you stick to your path and don't troddle over to the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie or Britney Spears then you'll be fine. *Kind words from a fan of Kristin Bell.
  • Easily my favorite actress on the big and small screen

    Ever since I became addicted to Veronica Mars, I have always kept Kristen's imdb bio on my favorites so I could keep up with her projects. She is able to pull off some of the hardest roles, I would think, perfectly. From interviews and articles I've seen and read she seems like she is a hilarious, easy going person in real life. She is a vegetarian, which I think is great, but I'm from Texas so eating red meat is like a requirement, and I'm too selfish to give it up, and she had a steady relationship for five years up until a few months ago. It shows she's not one of those typical flaky Hollywood actresses who go from actor to actor all the time. I cannot wait for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" to come out. Its going to be hilarious.
  • Kristen... is well... Kristen. Marvelous at the least.

    Kristen Bell is the greatest actress alive. She's hot as no other and kicks major butt on Veronica Mars(Best show ever). What's more to love? She's down to earth and doesn't really care what people think of her, well from the videos, interviews, etc. that I've seen and read. She'll tell you like it is. She's beautiful too. I can't stop looking at her. She's just so memorizing. She's real easy on the eyes too. I'm going to marry her someday. I can dream, can't I? Her acting is superb and she basically pull anything that comes her way. Oh man, her voice on Gossip Girl is to die for. Drop. Dead. Sexy. Sorry, I'm drooling here. She has an amazing career ahead of her. I'm looking forward to see her face light up the TV/Movie screen for years to come.
  • kristen ( be mine) bell

    i loved kristens bravura shes always pitch perfect ooh how i miss veronica mars .. so far ive turned over two of my roomates and a co-worker to buy V seasons 1-3 they love it... i have to say the CW sucks balls for cancelling ronnie ... glad to see kristen on HEROES though im actually watching it now just because of her i think she rocks cant wait to see her character developed and show her kickn some real ass !!! sylar watch out cus kristen has joined the good side !!! kristen you rock !!!!!!!!! hope to see more of her ... film, Tv.
  • Review

    I know Bell from her work on Veronica Mara, in which she does a fantastic job playing a teen detective helping her father solve cases around the high school. The plot sounds so bad when you hear it like that, but Kristan Bell really plays her character so well in the show and in a way that you can tend to bypass some of the things in the show because of how well she acts. I then saw her progress onto Heroes, however I think Veronica Mars remains one of the best acting performances that she has had to this date. Overall, I would say that she is a terrific actress and I cant wait to see her act in some more projects in the very near future. Also cant wait to finish Veronica Mars - I hear her acting only gets better and better as the seasons go on.
  • talented.

    Kristen Bell is really sweet. She is also so talented and successful. I first saw her in the show, Heroes. Before that, i did not know her which is disappointing. I wish i had seen her before and so i have not seen veronica mars. Elle bishop in the show is one of the bad gifted people but not so bad. I do not think she is evil as sylar but confused. I hope i see her in many tv shows in the future and i am looking forward to volume three of heroes as elle is now in the series.
  • Kristen Bell is very refreshing. She's someone who excels at being famous and at the same time seem like she's a very good best friend to us, non-famous folk.

    This girl is amazing. Beautiful, sexy, petite, cute, talented in acting, talented in singing and she ain't a half bad dancer either. She's everything I aspire to in a neat little package. If I could meet her in person just once, I'd die happy. She is truly the most awesome girl to have ever graced the screens. I believe that if she gets that stellar hit movie that'll really launch her, she's going to be down in the history books, just you wait. Don't judge her because she's a blue-eyed blonde. That's just who she is on the outside but from what I see of her, she's a truly nice and enjoyable person to be with. My only hope is that one day I can go to the US and go to Hollywood to see her even for just a few seconds. That's how much I admire her. She is one of my idols.
  • Probably the best Actress of her generation.

    I am just getting into Kristen Bell. But from all i have seen with her she has proven to be very talented. She can sing well. She is one of the best actresses right now and she is also one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her acting was so good in Heroes that i decided to check out Veronica Mars. After only watching the first disk of Season 1 for Veronica Mars i was hooked. Now it has quickly become one of my favorite shows. I have also checked out some of her movies also. She made Pulse watchable. She was great in her part in Spartan. I am waiting for her to get that breakout movie that will let everyone know how great of an actress she is.
  • so talented and pretty

    Well, i din't even know her before her appereance in Veronica Mars but that girl touched a chord. I liked her since the first time i saw her and i think that she is a talented actress. She incarneted the role of Elle so persuasively that made me watch Heroes more fanatically (if that was possible). I hope we see her in several movies from now on more appereances on TV (she has already appeared in Veronica Mars and Heroes) because i enjoy watching her.If i wasn't committed i'd say that i am in love with her. I'd really like to meet her.
  • Kristen bell, what can I say nothing really since I don't know her in person, I can just say she is a Really Great Actress. I admire her, and she is my inspirtation to become an actress. oh how can I forget, she's drop dead cute and gorgeous.

    If I were to answer to a question like "who is at the top of the list of greaties actresses I would have to say , almost instintly, KRISTEN BELL. she has proved that she can play sassy, chraming, sarcasting, bad ass all at the same time. I'm not obssed with her I'm obssed with her acting. I love how she act's and I would go to like every movie, and watch every show she's in, because she's that good. beside's that she is a great actress, she is also cute and Gorgeous, which is a bones. theres is no one like her :)

    Jay!! 8)
  • She is Just Great!

    Kristen Bell made a great addition to Heroes. She is just awesome. When I first saw her character's power I said to myself, "cool!" I've never seen Veronica Mars, but I'm sure It was a great Show. However I feel that She should've been introduced earlier in the second season. I was also kind of shocked when I found out that Bob was her dad. I mean that was kind of unexpected. I always thought that they looked nothing alike. Imagine it in real life. Stephen Tobolowsky being Kristen Bell's dad. I don't see it. Anyway I think Kristen should stay on the Show right until it ends. Go Kristen
  • I love her. She's cute and a very good actress.

    I first saw her in Veronica Mars and loved her. She is great at what she does and knows how to portray the characters given to her. When I found out she was going to be in Heroes I was like pumped for the season to start just to see her. I love her character on Heroes because I always like the misunderstood and the mentally damaged or at least crazy. She's super psycho but I just love it and she's doing a great job portraying it.I'm a guy but I watch gossip girl escpecially since my sister takes over the control that night and she's the voice over so that's even better I just can't get enough of her and how great she is so I hope her the best and to see her more, especially on Heroes.
  • she's amazing

    Not many people can pull off playing Veronica Mars. But Kristen was amazing. Everytime I saw an episode she always brought something new to the character. I loved how she could be smart and sacrastic but also be vulnerable when she needed to be. I've seen Kristen in a couple of movies and tv shows and she bring that quality into all of her work. I will always love Veronica and I hope that she can bring that kind of energy into all of her roles to come. I can't wait to catch her in hero's I have a feeling it's going to be awesome.
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