Kristen Miller





8/20/1977 , Manhattan Beach,CA

Birth Name

Kristen Miller




Kristen Miller was born August 20, 1977. Miller’s mother was a choreographer, and she would sometimes take her to a rehearsal with her when she was a little girl. Miller recalls, “I couldn’t wait to get up on that stage myself!” She didn’t have to wait long because she immediately took to playing in musicals at only six years old! She spent two seasons performing with the Long Beach Civic Light Opera Youth Conservatory.

After high school, Miller spread her wings to television and films, traveling all the way to Prague to star in the horror film “The Swimming Pool.” Miller said the cast and crew of the movie were from all over the world, and proved for an enlightening experience. “It was amazing to meet people my age from all over the world who knew so much about American politics and ideas. There would be 20 of us sitting down for dinner and the most incredible conversations would happen!”

She didn’t know it then, but more conversations like that were about to come her way on the Comedy Central series “That’s My Bush”, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, of South Park. Miller, who was a regular on the show, laughs as she remembers her time on the set.” They are so smart about pop culture and what is going on in the world today. I was very impressed with both Trey and Matt.”says Miller.

With horror and comedy under her belt, Miller was anxious to give an action role a shot. “I was such a girlie-girl growing up,” Miller says, “you know, ballet and things like that. But I liked D.D. as soon as I read the part I was excited to take on a new challenge.” It’s a challenge that also includes intense workouts to prepare for the role. Miller exclaims, “I’ve done so much kick-boxing I feel like I’m going to kick my leg right off!” “It’s been a great way to get to know Natasha and Natashia,” Miller says, referring to her co-stars. “I had never met them before then, but we were always training together and sharing stories. I had so much fun.”

In her remaining free time, Miller enjoys just hanging out with her friends, cooking dinner, or catching a movie.

Miller can also be seen in great guest starring roles such as "Out of Practice"(2005), "Hot Properties"(2005), "Joey"(2005), “Two and a Half Men"(2005), and "Charmed"(2004) which are only some of the may roles she has done