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Kristen Stewart

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Do you think Kristen will do a good job playing Bella?

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    GossipGirlFANxx wrote:
    Lindz-Chan wrote:
    secrets710 wrote:
    GossipGirlFANxx wrote:
    leeseygirl wrote:
    GossipGirlFANxx wrote:
    b&eumm excuse me? if u dont thinks thats HOT there is somthing seriously wrong with you sorry its a bit big, it had to show its full sexy-ness and hot-ness
    I know! My friend said that Rob has a crush on Kristen and I'm hust like.. thats creepy..hes like 22..shes 18 ..eek
    haha he does, at least that's what he said in an interview hahaha nice pic IT'S EVEN HOTTER IN THE MOVIE. i would know. lol. .....that was a really perverted sentance, wasnt it?
    That scene was hot, everyone was cheering right when they touched lips People were also "whoo-ing"
    LOL I reckon people were screaming when Rob took his shirt off

    This was one of my favourite scenes in the movie, it was so sweet and hot! Yummy, just look at Roberts lips she is a lucky women.
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