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    I'm big cinema critic, but.. She is young, beautiful and very, I would like to say really talented. In fact, usually I don't like new and young actors, I watch them really critical, but she's really good. She has same low voice as Sophia Bush has and I looooove it. Her first best act, at least in my view, is in "the land of women". It was.. yeah.. REALLY great, awesome movie, the second best in row is "Twilight". I still cannot decide which of them is better. In reality both are too good to judge. Now I'm expecting more from her and I know I'm going to get it.
  • shes HOTT!!!!

    as i said...shes HOTT and P.H.A.T. as in P=pretty,H=hot,A=and,T=tempting.shes a great actress to,i never wanted to see zathura until i heard kristen was in it,i watched the messengers and she was the bomb!when she was crying i just wanted to hug her even though i knew i couldnt and it was acting...i just hugged the screen,she really fit the part for the movie...i will watch every movie i can that has her in it...on MSN i have 8 display pictures of her...all very HOTT!!!im betting alot of others think that she is very attractive rating for her is a 10!
  • Another young actress playing a dark role.

    Kristen kind of reminds me of Evan Rachel Wood. She seems like she can play that dark, quiet character well. She's young, so she has a few years to hone her craft and exlpore other characters. I'd like to see her in a lighter role. But for now, she is definitely on her way.
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    Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress. In every movie she is in she demonstrates her amazing talent. The Messangers has to be Kristen's most recent piece of work where she has shown how amazing she is at really becomming the character she is portraying. All throughout the movie she reacted as a normal person would if they were put into the situations.
    I can't wait to see her portray Bella Swan in Twilight.

    Kristen Stewart is one of the best young actoresses that Hollywood have ever found. She is a great role model, not being affected by the media and she has curves! She is sooo talented and seems to bring life to any character she portrays. In "Twilight" she gave Bella an onscreen personality and yet seem to remain true to the way Bella was described by Stephanie Meyer. It takes talent to do that without looking like a fool and she pulled it off with an air of perfection. and the best yet she got to spend quality time with the new Hollywood Heart Throb Robert Pattinson! Got to love that!
  • Dark Actress

    Twilight was absolutely poor. I give her a 9.5 because i saw what she was capable of in "Welcome to the Ridleys" and "The Runaways". She has this dark look to her personality which really makes me want to see her in more dark films. Its obvious shes hated because of the idea of her not smiling enough but i think thats just poor judgement because shes got great talent that we are yet to see more of.
  • Kristen Stewart is something i laugh at when I'm sad.

    Kristen Stewart is hot......HAHAHA! I swear that is the funniest thing I've ever hear, that just made my day. She is horrible at acting, all she does is just lope around and follow the male characters. Shes just an bad emo actress gone worse. I mean SERIOUSLY people have you not seen any of the twilight movies, she sucks. Plus her character is waay to dependent on any shirtless guy she comes into contact with. I would personally categorize twilight as a comedy cause I laugh at the acting and the story line whenever I see it. Sparkling really?

    But I love her.
  • She has no Emotcions

    I hate her in twilight :L and she does not know how to smile :L And i cant believe he cheated on Robert :O
  • Oh look,an Emo!

    This actress has got to be the worst actress ever to be born.First off,her movies are all just terrible.Twilight is always the worst out of all of them.The Runaways was just as bad as Twilight.The only good movie with her in it was Zathura.In all of her movies,half of the time she's always screaming and yelling and crying like she's in a horror movie.That just proves that she's emo.Even Mad was right about her.She's not happy where ever she is.Second,she's always winning so many awards.Why?Is it because she's in a movie with two idiots who are not even great at acting?I think that's why.So to finish what I think of her,she is just a terrible actress,she is a huge emo and she sucks at all of her movies.Also,Twilight sucks so hard