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  • Oh look,an Emo!

    This actress has got to be the worst actress ever to be born.First off,her movies are all just terrible.Twilight is always the worst out of all of them.The Runaways was just as bad as Twilight.The only good movie with her in it was Zathura.In all of her movies,half of the time she's always screaming and yelling and crying like she's in a horror movie.That just proves that she's emo.Even Mad was right about her.She's not happy where ever she is.Second,she's always winning so many awards.Why?Is it because she's in a movie with two idiots who are not even great at acting?I think that's why.So to finish what I think of her,she is just a terrible actress,she is a huge emo and she sucks at all of her movies.Also,Twilight sucks so hard