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  • Kristen Zang is very, very talented. She can model, sing, and act. She has a lot of fans that want to see more of her. She has played roles in a few movies and a tv show. We need to see her in more tv, movies, and magazines.

    Want my review? Okay. Kristen Zang is awesome. She doesn't get the appreciation she deserves. She's a great talent,very nice woman, and not to mention --> Drop Dead Gorgeous. She's been working for years and years in Hollywood and hasn't had her big break yet. Any directors, ect. that see this, do NOT pass this girl up. I am even confident that she can carry a movie by herself. She is that great. She's had roles in All My Friends Are Cowboys, Love & Sex, and Hollywood. After you've seen these movies, you'll love her just as much as we do.She guest starred on Dharma and Greg also. Like I said, she's a great talent that is yet to really be discovered. Kristen Zang is a gem.