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    • Kristi: Winning the Olympic title is one of the proudest moments of my life. And I'm extremely proud to have represented the Olympic movement and the United States at the 2002 Salt Lake City Games. This was a wonderful opportunity for not only Americans to see the world's finest athletes but for the world to see America at its best. Now, I am thrilled to be a wife and mother, and I hope to be as good of a mother as my own mother, Carole.

    • Kristi: All the athletic glory and honors are wonderful but sometimes I come face to face with a disadvantaged child or with a struggling mother or father and I am grateful for my gifts. And I rededicate myself to doing whatever I can to help someone in need. The good feeling I get from contributing rivals anything I felt on the Olympic stand in Albertville.

    • Kristi: When I first skated here, I definitely felt small out there because it is such a big surface.

    • Kristi: My experience at the 1992 Winter Olympics was my fulfillment of dreaming the Impossible Dream.