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  • Trivia

    • Swedish co-star Alexander Skarsgård and her Swedish husband helped her memorize her Swedish lines on True Blood.

    • On August 1, 2009, Kristin got married to Abri van Straten, vocalist and guitarist of the South African band The Lemmings, at her mother's 45-acre farm in Racine, Wisconsin.

    • She prefers shopping via product catalogs in the privacy of her home over shopping in outlet stores with friends.

    • Kristin did the voiceover for the campaign DVDs of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Her brother-in-law works as an architect for the animal protection organization. She also supports the Whale Protection Act of 2009.

    • For her role as a porn star and stripper in Dancing at the Blue Iguana, Kristin spent months going to strip clubs and learning eye contact and pole dancing. During that time, she also had porn movies playing in her house 24 hours a day.

    • When she was a kid, Kristin had horses, dogs, chickens, and cats for pets.

    • Kristin's family was into hunting. When she was a child, they had a rifle range in their basement.

    • Aside from being an actress, Kristin is also an artist who draws and paints. She began drawing when she was in junior high and started painting around a decade after that.

    • Kristin is 5' 9" (1.75 m) tall. She is of German descent.

    • Because of her love for dogs, Kristin is involved with animal rescue organizations such as the Amanda Foundation and Forte Animal Rescue.

    • Before she became an actress, Kristin sold Herbalife in the streets of Los Angeles, washed windows, and did accepted jobs.

    • Film, Video, and TV Movie Credits:
      Pink Collar (2006) (TV) as Eve
      Crazy (2005) (TV)
      Living with Lou (2004) as Jean
      Room 302 (2001) as Karen
      Hollywood Palms (2001) as Kathleen
      Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) (TV) as Katy Scott
      My Little Havana (1998) as Carmen
      Columbo: Undercover (1994) (TV) as Suzie Endicott

  • Quotes

    • Kristin: A lot of the TV stuff I do that is dramatic is harder work. It's great as an actor to show people that you can do that, but maybe I've just gotten lazy, but I really like playing fun roles.

    • Kristin: (on helping save the environment) It isn't easy, but I buy rechargeable batteries, recycled paper products. Just start with what you can do, try, and you will feel better. If you don't, you are not my audience, you are not my people.

    • Kristin: (on how she and fellow actress Liz Vassey came up with the t-shirt company, "Neuroses to a T(ee)") One night Liz and I were talking about how it would be better if people had to wear their neuroses on their chests -- like, 'Hi, I have abandonment issues. How are you?' Why not advertise your issues on a T-shirt? We all have them, so let's laugh about it.

    • Kristin: (on playing Pam in "True Blood") I know that's the thing. I don't know why it's so unbelievably fun to play someone who's just 100 percent evil, but it's a blast. There are no complicating feelings, there's no feeling bad for anybody. It's just 100 percent selfish.

    • Kristin: (on the one regret she has) Losing my true love, although it was through no fault of my own. It is like death. It's hard not to play it over and over in your head and wonder how you could have prevented it.

    • Kristin: (about what she does on her free time) Warding off insanity if there is too much of it. Otherwise, reading, seeing movies, karate, dreaming of travel and less free time -- it's not my forte.

    • Kristin: (describing the fun she's having with doing "True Blood") Working on this show feels more like when you were a kid and you were in your backyard pretending to be whoever. I'm the mom, you're the dad, and you're just making up this whole world of I'm a princess. That's what it feels like; it feels like you're a kid playing. And when you put the teeth in, it just gets endlessly hilarious. So, it feels a little bit less like work.

    • Kristin: (on once playing the role of 'Man Hands' Gillian on Seinfeld) I can list my whole resumé, but when I say Man Hands everybody goes 'Oh, my God!'

    • Kristin: (on her passion and talent for painting and drawing) I've been doing it so long, and it was my sanctuary that nobody knew about. Because acting in this business is so hectic that I wanted this thing that was just mine and I just did for me. It's the opposite of acting; you're alone in a room by yourself, or with my dogs.

    • Kristin: Nature is so beautiful and so astoundingly incomprehensible to me.

    • Kristin: I do love acting, but without the joy of creating, friendship, my religion, and my beloved pets, well, life wouldn't