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Kristin Booth

Kristin Booth


8/28/1978, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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Kristen Booth
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Kristin Booth was born in Ontario, Canada in 1978. She caught the acting bug when she was in primary school and appeared as an orphan in a production of Annie when she was twelve and landed her first paying job she realized she could make a career from…more


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    • Kristin Booth: (On her character on MVP) Connie is definitely soft in so many ways. I even put on a little bit of weight to play her, because I knew the character would evolve down the road and I wanted to show that not just mentally and emotionally, but also physically. It's great to watch her struggle to keep her core self and her morals and beliefs intact in a world completely foreign to her. And I love seeing people in sticky situations sort of weasel their way out. . . . It makes for great entertainment.

    • Kristin: In Canada, we don't do a lot of comedy these days. In the U.S., it seems like there's a sitcom on every other channel, but up here most of our comedians have come from improv backgrounds and it can be hard to find comedic outlets.

    • Kristin Booth:(On getting into character) For This Beautiful City it was probably the most challenging role I've ever taken on and I'm really praying that it will be the most challenging role I ever take on because it was really difficult and had a long-lasting effect. We did a lot of research, we did a lot of improvisation in character, out in the real world, in the area that we were shooting in. So it was really a metamorphosis, that character. And then Young People F*cking was a nice break from that and it came really quickly on the end of This Beautiful City, so it was really good for me to get back into a character that's a little bit more attainable without having to really delve into those dark, dark places.

    • Kristin Booth: My husband and I are looking forward to starting a family. There will be times in the next couple of years where I may take time out from acting to spend with my family, but I'll keep acting. For me, the most important thing I think about, when I think about the future, is that I want to continue to be blessed with a variety of characters and roles that will challenge me because without the challenge there is no point. But ideally, I'd like to be a Jessica Tandy and work until I'm old and grey and never have to retire.

    • Kristin Boooth:(On her movie "The Beautiful City") This was a whole different experience. It was like a guerrilla shoot, very independent, very bare bones. We didn't have traffic stops or pedestrian traffic stops, so people would walk in and out of the shots all the time.

    • Kristin Booth:(On winning a Gemini Award) There is nothing like being recognized by your peers and rewarded for the work that you've done. It was amazing. I'd be lying if I said that there weren't times in my life when I've felt insecure about work and if I'm going to work again. So definitely receiving an award for your work reaffirms the fact that people are appreciating what you do and you're not completely off base.

    • Kristin Booth: I really just have always loved to act. I like to be challenged in the work I do, and I feel blessed to work at something I love and to make a living at it.

    • Kristin Booth: (On if she prefers comedy or drama) Comedy scares me more than drama. To find the truth, and to find the realistic feelings and then to make it funny, too, is very difficult. I've always felt that the best comedy comes out of drama, out of tragedy. At its best, it's watching people in circumstances that they struggle through. Both films were new challenges for me; they definitely demanded a kind of intimacy and openness. It was scary. I'll admit it.

    • Kristin Booth: (About MVP) It has a more steamy, sultry, sexy feel to it than anything I've ever seen on the CBC. I remember my jaw dropping when the script for the pilot had a sex scene that involved double-teaming. It never shows that happening, but I remember going, 'What? For the CBC, a threesome is pretty risqué!'