Kristin Cavallari





1/14/1987 , Denver, Colorado, USA

Birth Name

Kristin Elizabeth Cavalleri




Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari, born January 14, 1987, lived most of her childhood in Denver, Colorado. When her parents divorced due to irreconcilable differences, Kristin moved with her mom to Barrington, Illinois. After realizing she might be better in Laguna Beach, California where her father and brother, Mike relocated, she moved with them in Laguna.

After moving to Laguna, she briefly went to a Catholic school. She then transferred to Laguna High School which proved to be a good choice because soon after, MTV producers came to Laguna High to audition students for a new MTV reality show Laguna Beach: The Real OC. Kristen made the cut along with many of her elite circle of friends. Kristin had a fun time on the show. She dated Stephen Colletti and Talan Torriero, two of her best friend's and fellow cast members. She also never made shy that she hated Lauren Conrad, another star of the show and one of Stephen's best friends.

After that, only good things came. Going to university, landing her own hosting gig (that sadly only went for two shows), making her film debut, and many more acting and modeling roles. Kristin is most likely the most successful of anyone from Laguna Beach, landing many films and television roles and gracing the covers of many national magazines.