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  • Very materialistic.

    Very full of herself.
  • Pretty, hot, and an awesome actress. She should get another show, a show that would last a long time.

    Kristin Elizabeth Cavelleri, born January 14 1987, lived most of her childhood in Denver, Colorado. When her parents divorced due to irreconcilable differences, Kristin moved with her mom to Barrington, Illinois. After realizing she might be better in Laguna Beach, California where her father and brother, Mike, relocated. After a while, she moved in with her father and brother at Laguna. After moving to Laguna, she briefly went to a Catholic school. She then transferred to Laguna High School. She had came at a good time, because soon after that MTV producers came to Laguna High, to get people to audition for a new MTV reality show Laguna Beach: The Real OC. Kristen and many others made the cut, and she had a fun time on the show. She dated Stephen and Talan for most of both seasons. She had also dated Sam a college guy that she had met, and now this is in the show. She was also never shy, she hated Lauren Conrad, which another star of the show and one of Stephen's best friends.
  • My review is about the love I have for Kristin and Laguna Beach. You have made my life wonderful, thank you so much!

    Dear Kristin-
    Your one of my all time favorite laguna beach cast member. I remember the first time I saw Laguna Beach you were the one that stood out the most. You were definently very sexy, intelligent, and funny. And all the things that Stephen had said to you the first time in Cabo was not true. You arent like that at all. Then when the second season came out I thought you were a HELL of alot better than anybody on there and you were the main reason I even watched the show. Kristin I think were meant to be together and we should definently meet sometime.

    love your biggest fan,
    Zachary J. Pafford
  • Eh....

    Well, uh, First of all, her last name is not Cavalleri, it's Cavallari. I think she is a spoiled brat who got into acting because she had nothing better to do. I have one piocture of her with a really pretty lemon yellow dress on, but who really cares anyway? She copies Jessica Simpson all the time. There's a whole article in my magazine about her copying Jessica Simpson. She is spoiled and less than average. I think she should be kicked off of Laguna Beach. At least she's not a stick figure. But hey, she ain't too pretty either.
  • I think she's great!!

    She's so much better than LC!! Kristin is smart...she's riding the coattails of slightly more famous celebs to further herself!! I didn't think her and stephen were really right for each other, her and brody jenner make a really hot couple!! i think she's gorgeous!! She has a lot of personality, unlike Lauren or LC or whatever she goes by. Kristin is a teenage girl who wants to have fun!! can you really blame her for that? I look forward to seeing big things from her, she's definitely made a lot of hollywood connections. She's beautiful...i think she can do anything she wants!!
  • Kristin Cavallari\'s first feature film! \"Fingerprints\"

    My name is Megan Slemp and I’m the executive assistant for Graymark Production, Inc. We are the company that produced “Fingerprints”, Kristin Cavallari’s first feature film. I worked on the film as the production coordinator and spent a little time with Kristin, she is delightful. I’m emailing you in hopes that you will help us promote this film. We just started a my space website for “Fingerprints” and are in the process of starting a “Fingerprints” website! We can use all the help we can get.

    We finished principle photography on May 2nd and we should see the director’s cut this week. I’m so excited! After that we will have to do the music, sound, post production stuff and make a deal with a distributor! Please direct people to the myspace website for more information.

  • Sure she did great on her show, too bad thats the only thing she can do!

    Kristen Cavalleri is the mean girl off her crappy tv show Lauguna Beach. Then she goes off telling peolpe that she's not a jerk, that it was all an act. So what is she good for any way? Now she's trying to get a career in Hollywood, who is she fooling? No one is gonna buy it! Kristen is just a pretty face, and will be nothing more then that!
  • Kristin is awesome! for the few shows that i've watched of Laguna Beach, she's done nothing but impress me. she looks like she would be so much fun to hang out with. she's funny, she's honest, but most of all she's real and that's what people love about h

    what have i got to say about Kristin Cavallari. she's awesome! for the few shows that i've watched of Laguna Beach, she's done nothing but impress me. when i discovered that my tv network carries MTV, i decided to check it out one day and noticed an all day marathon of Laguna Beach. after watching a few episodes, i notice that she's practically the star of the show. she carries herself so well. she's totally real. i could definately see myself hanging out with her. she sounds like any other typical girl her age, just 10 times cooler. she's gorgeous, funny, and honest and that's what people love about her. she's a total trend setter too! i can imagine girls looking up to her as a total role model, and i happen to think she would be a good one. some people don't appreciate how honest she is and they look down on her for that. well guess what people, honesty is the best policy and no one likes a liar! i wish her all the best in her success and in everything she does!:)
  • Kristin got her start in the reality series "Laguna Beach" as the snobby blonde girl. Now she's trying to shed the reality star part and become an A-list movie star.

    I like Kristin in "Laguna Beach" Her personality wasn't likeable in real life but it makes for good TV. Now, she's trying to make a name for herself. First, she did the "Paris Hilton" approach by attending every single red carpet possible. Then she briefly had a fling with Nick Lachey. Kristin might know how to get herself noticed but she might have to do a little bit more to be a full-fledged actress. I'll wait for her real acting debut and then judge her then.
  • Sure she made Laguna Beach a little more interesting, but she has nothing else to offer...

    Kristin is what I would call a snob. I mean she is actually the reason I kept watching Laguna Beach for as long as I did, but she can't do anything else. Also, the one show that she did get of her own, had maybe one episode. I don't even know, it was about starting parties, how interesting...not. She's a has-been, nothing more to her.
  • Kristin was the babe on Laguna Beach. She and Stephen were best friends in highschool and later they became more than that. Her and Stephen dated for a while while on the Laguna Beach set. Then, she later dated Talan.

    Kristin was a great actor on Laguna Beach, and I loved how she was like so open minded and how she acted towards Lauren. I would do just as she did towards Lauren. I did not like Lauren either after how her and Stephen did. I wish that Kristin and Stephen had stayed together, they made such a great couple they were like two peas in a pod. Kristin was my favorite person on Laguna Beach besides, Stephen the most hottest guy on the Laguna Beach set.
  • Seriously, she is what kept me watching the show. Even though she comes off as a bitch she is awesome and the most real person on the show!!

    The show was the best reality show on MTV! Although the only person I realted to on the show was Kristen! I really don't think she had a fair break because in season 1 she had already broken up with steven before the show even started! So the show portrayed her as a very back stabbing person when Steven was the one cheating on her in the first place! So I give Kristen a big pat on the back for sticking with the show cuz she will be the one out of all of them that goes the farthest!
  • I honestly think Kristin from Laguna Beach was what made the show. Yeah, people might think she acted like a total bit*h, but come on you know that made it interesting to watch. Overall I could defintly see her star in her own drama series.She was great i

    I honestly think Kristin from Laguna Beach was what made the show. Yeah, people might think she acted like a total bit*h, but come on you know that made it interesting to watch. Overall I could defintly see her star in her own drama series. She was great in the show.
  • yes she is spoiled but who isn't?

    Kritin might be spoiled but who isn't? I loved watching Laguna Beach. I wachted both seasons and have season 1 on D.V.D. I really didn't like Krisin in the first season but the 2nd season she rocked! She is a girl that gets what she wants and who she wants. I liked how Kristin was she told you like it was....just like me. I can't wait for her show "get this party started" to premire. It is going to be wierd when season 3 of Laguna Beach starts and she is not going to be on it. Kristin you are great. Keep up with everything!
  • Overall I think hat Kristin made Laguna Beach! The show would have been nothing without her. Shes Beautiful and Sweet what more could you want from a girl like this! Honestly I hope she makes it big she deserves it!!

    Kristin is one of the most outragously goergous girls on this planet! Without her that show would have been nothing and i dont think she is getting as much credit as she should for everything that she did! I have a lot of comments about that show but for now im just going to say she was amazing!!
  • Kristin is my fav. person probably ever casted in a reality, or for that a T.V. show. She is the best, I would love to meeet her someday. I am from Canada going to university here in the U.S. and saw he for the first time here in the U.S.

    Hey Kristin,

    My name is Jon Chorney and i am originally form edmonton, alberta, canada. I moved to the states on a golf and acedemic scholarship and my roomate introduced me to the show laguna beach. My first question was," Who's that blonde?" He told me that was Kristin. After that i kept telling him that someday i was gonna meet you lol. Obvioulsy you get many emails liek this one form crazed fans, but i also said that because he liked Cacy and i thought you were so much more beautiful than her. So it also pissed him off when i said that. In saying this we both, my roomate and i, watched the last episode and unfourtunatley got a little teery eyed. we didnt cry because we are tough! well maybe just a bit, but i only did because i sawe you driving away from L.B. and knew it was the last time i would ever watch Laguna Beach because i liked the show so much i would never want to watch the next season without you gals and guys. Nayways this will never get to kristin but neways i thought i would try because i bet i am the lone Canadian that i writing to her and i wish my whole country could hvae watched the season but i guess we didnt aquire the show. Finally, i just want to say hi to Kristin and that if someone reads this just to pass a hello form a candain to her because i believe that she was picked on too much in the show, and that I believe she is a wonderful person at heart. But if this ever gets to kristin i would just love for her to add me to her facebook, because my roomate has Jason or something and i would assume Kristin has it. I go to Hastings college in Nebraska and again my name is Jon Chorney. I am not crazy or anything, but just would like to say that Kristin and the entire cast of L.B. really made me appriciate my life before coolege and made me think about my graduation from highschool last year, because i am a freshmen in university. Anyways I'm Out And on behalf of Canada, and i bet my room mate L.B. was awesome and i thank you for giving up a year of you life for us to fview i imagine it was a difficult thing to do but we appriciate it!

    Bye Bye and if i see you someday kristin i hope you dont ignore me when i say hi! Pz out!

    P.S. if youa actually get this Kristin, email me at thanks. later!
  • height?

    does anyone know how tall kristin is? she doesnt look that tall actually.. but still pretty! like overall she seems awrite? at least she doesnt backstab her friends and is honest about the people she does not like. she can be bitchy sometimes but who isnt anyway? im glad she\'s on the show..
  • The only good thing I can say about Kristen is that she made Laguna Beach very interesting, but there are a lot of things that I don't like about her.

    Kristen is such a spoiled, selfish, mean brat. She doesn't deserve anything she has, including Stephen, Alex H., and Jessica. I can't believe that Stephen ever went out with her. She totally does not deserve him. Stephen is so kind and caring, but he was kind of stupid to go out with Kristen because she never really appreciated him. In season 1, when everybody went to Cabo, Kristen had to act like such a slut by dancing on top of the bar and flirting with every guy she saw, right in front of Stephen. I really can't understand why he wanted her back in the beginning of season 2. She also does not deserve Jessica as a friend. Jessica has some bad qualities too, but she is a very good friend to Kristen and Kristen just treats Jessica like she doesn't care about her feelings. I was so mad at Kristen in season 2 when she hooked up with Jeff even though she knew Jessica liked him. Kristen is also a horrible person because she is mean to people who didn't even do anything to her. For example, in season 2 she always would talk about Taylor when Taylor hadn't even done anything mean to her. Kristen is blessed with both beauty and wealth and yet she has the most horrible attitude. She is truly ugly on the inside. Hopefully when she gets older she will be nicer.
  • I think Kristen is awsome, she may have cheated, but come on, she is only human. I lover he to death, she is spoiled:P GORGOUS, awsome,and just an all around sweet girl. I can see why she doesn't like LC(no offense) LC tried to lay moves on stephen, not k

    LC never should of done that to kristen, but owell. Kristen can get any guy she wants! i admire her so much in certain ways. I wish i could be as pretty as her, but you know. Kristen is awsome and everyone knows it! you'll be richer and famouser one day sweetie:P I love you girl!
  • She is so great

    she is my favortie person on Laguna Beach. she does not care what people think of her and she also is not scared to tell people what she is thinking. she is also a very caring person because on the season finale she was crying her eyes out when she had to leave her friends. she plays but the Bit** i do not think that is really her
  • STUPID as a surf board. Baby get married earlier, before your looks fade.

    STUPID as a surf board.
    Baby get married earlier, before your looks fade. I enjoyed what you did for the show ( the Laguna bicycle...everyone had a ride)
    I know it sounds harse....and perhaps it is...but doll, I really hope for learn that the world doesn't revolve around you. Sorry.
  • i love kristin

    i love kristin because she is who she is. She doesn\'t take crap from anyone and she\'s true to her friends. She doesn\'t talk crap on them unlike every other girl on the show. Shes fun, shes exciting and you never know what shes gonna do next. Everyone watches the show cuz shes on it , and it would suck with out her! I dont get why all of you peopl keep saying shes \"not rich\" either your loaded or im blind. cuz last time i checked she got a white bmw for her graduation and she lives in an amazing house & never wares the like same shoe twice... BITCH! i wanna be kiristin and im completly upsessed with her. Not only is she beautiful, but shes just the best! i\'ve copied everything she says even down to the hole \"Stephen!\" impression. And honestly i think kristin has reasons to dislike l.c. Yes, LC is prettier and does have a better body and does live in a better house but L.C has no personality at all! & doesn\'t have the Bestest luck with boysss. she got with stephen knowing kristin was with him. what a whore. Yes i know kristin cheated on her boyfriend .. but who hasnt!?
  • Yeah... spoiled... hot... sexy... beautiful... brat.... drool.....

    Ok so her show is kind of boring, yeah I said it. I don't care about some spoiled brats life and drama when it means nothing with money. But wow, she is hot, so the rest of this review is my drooling.....

    I think everything on her body is down to a T damn near perfect. Nice butt, good looking breast, beautiful face, and good curves. She comes off as a little overcontrolling in her show, but most guys will agree, if it comes with the package, its something most would be willing to deal with.

    Needless to say, acting or not, she can be around for as long as she so desires.
  • Very big fan of the show, even though I find some or most of the cast memebers to be somewhat shallow.

    I liked Kristin better on the first season. This could be due to editing, so I cannot really judge her objectively. For me, this show is definitely a guilty pleasure. I must admit that of the cast, the two people that I cannot stand to watch are Cedrick,the two-faced troublemaker and Casey, the teenage porn queen, or at least that's what she looks like. Why do some people think hair extentions look so good? YUCK! She should get rid of all the get up and try the natural look for a change.
  • I Think That Kristin Is A Total Sweetie & Is Extremly Gorgeous!

    She May Do Things That People Don't Like, but everything that she does she does for a good reason .. I mean take Stephen for example, he cheated on her w/ LC before the show even started of course she's going to hate LC and be mad at Stephen. She's a wild&crazy, fun-loving girl, and I think that she gets picked on alot because people are jelous or her, or don't understand her reasoning.
  • she's definitely for stephen!

    nobody for stephen for me but kristin! she\'s hot! i like her the most than anybody in LB! You go girl! i love that \"i don\'t give a sh!t\" attitude! and she\'s just so freakin gorgeous! sunny smile! stephen is a nut if he\'ll chose that other girl over you! you and stephen compliment each other!
  • shes a spectacular lay!!!!!

    ****1/2 stars and 2 thumbs up, she stuffs her bra, and her cootch stinks like fish though.....I think shes absolutely adorable if you can stomach the stench. she moans a lot and screams my name til daylight and for all you guys that want it, I got her first. HA
  • I think that Kristin is the hottest actress on TV right now and would give anything to meet her in person. I think that it would be a great opportunity to get to meet such a gorgeous actress who is the same age as me.

    Kristin is just way too extremely good looking, I wish I knew a way to get a hold of her like I wished she had a fan club or somethine because I would really love to get to know her but through this she would think i am just another obsessed freak but I know that I would be up to her standards.
  • Kristin is the hottest girl in Laguna Beach ut she doesn't like Stephen anymore now she likes Talan.You know Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan just wants Kristin to like him but i disagree,i suggest that Kristin will continue relationship with Stephen

    Kristin,PLEASE!!!!!!!!continue your realtionship with Stephen.Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan is not match with Kristin,Talan is not match with Kristin
  • The girl is freakn beautiful! I am engaged to a man, but she makes me want to turn lesbian. She is that hott, and down to earth. I would love to hang out with that girt for a day. It would be a blast.

    I am an 18 year old straight girl and I would love to marry Kristin. She has all the qualities; funny, nice, bitchy, popular, openly honest, rich, and seriously hott!! This girl has the best body on Laguna Beach. I think she has the best personality and looks on the show. Any body would be crazy not to want her or to be her. Okay Okay maybe not everyone would want to be rich, beautiful, popular, wanted, and adored, but there's always room for rednecks. Just playing cuz my fiance is a redneck. But just look at the life she lives, this girl has got it goin on!!! Anonymous from somewhere
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