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  • More than just the "Wicked" star

    Couldn't she be more perfect? At 4'11'', Kristin Chenoweth is proving that talent could come in small packages. A trained opera singer, Kristin already has an Tony award under her belt. Although most popular as Glinda in the Broadway musical "Wicked", Cheno, as she is fondly called, is now making waves as Olive in "Pushing Daisies". The role often calls her to sing occasionally, which truly makes the show more unique as it already is. Oh, I just love Kristin's soprano, but her acting also does not go unnoticed.

    My fearless forecast is that Kristin will go down in Hollywood and Broadway history as one of the greatest talent ever lived, ranking with the likes of Julie Andrews and others. But for now, I'm just happy to see her on Daisies.
  • Wonderful Timing

    Kristin Chenoweth is a very funny actress that has wonderful timing. I also think her voice is great, hilarious when she needs it to be, and fortunately it compliments her petite size. She is a great Broadway actress who can also perform well on TV. She was good in the West Wing and amazing in "Pushing Daisies." In "GCB" she performed well enough, but the show was not that good and sometimes she went a little too over the top. I look forward to her recurring role on "The Good Wife", a great show that always has talented guest actors like Kristin.
  • Comedic genious with a voice of pure gold, Kristin Chenoweth is by far the most talented actress the Broadway stage has seen for a long time.

    Kristin is my idol. I have seen her in the Apple Tree (three times!) and she is amazing. I have listened to Popular at LEAST 190 times and truly admire her as a person and as a performer. Her comic timing is perfect, her diction crystal clear and she is the owner of a voice like no other. Stephen Schwartz calls her 'The hottest young talent to hit Broadway in years' and the New York times claims her 'The best argument for cloning the Broadway stage has to offer'

    She is so charming, unique and just incredibly talented. She steals the show in every production she's been in (in my opinion). And on talk shows she is so adorable, witty and sweet. She is also very beautiful, inside and outside. I think one of the great things about Kristin is how she made it. She's from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Who's heard of Broken Arrow? I mean she went to an audition for fun, got a part. Lived in a tiny apartment with like 5 other people for a long time! And look at her now! She is Kristin Chenoweth! A Tony Award winner (and after seeing the Apple Tree, she will most certainly be nominated and *hopefully* win) and nominated for Wicked. Which she totally deserved a Tony for! I mean HELLO! Who wasn't touched by her performance as G(a)linda!!!!

    I have her on the West Wing and have seen her first seen and she is FANTASTIC! So smart and wonderful. I grew up watching her version of Annie (I'm a musical GEEK in case you didn't notice) and she is just fantastic! I have her on the Music Man and i will so watch that. And does anyone know where i can purchase 'Kristin'? I really, really want to see it. And she could so make that work now!!!

    She's truly, 100% amazing!!! I have learnt so much from watching and observing her performances. Gotten so many laughs from her interviews (she has the CUTEST stories!!!) and meeting her was the most amazing two minutes of my life! LOL! But they were. TOTALLY! Well, up there with winning a singing contest but STILL! She is the best!

    Kristin Chenoweth, you are an inspiration to so many people and a role model. My singing teacher told me that as a singer you fulfill your goal when you reach out and touch someone. If that is the case, then she has MORE than fulfilled her goal!
  • She's adorable, with a fantastc voice and acting skills!

    How can you not love Kristin? As I mentioned in the summary, she is simply adorable. As she proved in Wicked, her voice is outstanding- but her acting is so great as well. She does perky and funny and charming very well- I'm so glas she's getting a role in this fall's Pushing Daisies on ABC. I'd pretty much watch everything for Kristin- from RV to Ugly Betty, she always delivers. Kristin, Kristin, Kristin... funy, charming, adorable- but now I'm repeating myself. I hope to see her a lot more in the future, singing as well as acting. Love ya, Kristin!
  • Kristin has all the qualities of a real star. She is beautiful, charming, a phenomenal singer, talented actress, an intelligent and humorous woman, and very humble.

    Kristin is a phenomenal singer! To be able to sing broadway, opera, and her own solo work is amazing. She originated the role of Glinda in the Broadway musical, Wicked and I highly suggest you go out and buy the original Wicked album. She is also a Tony Award winner and it was well deserved.

    Kristin is also a very talented actress. I love her role in Pushing Daisies on ABC. I also loved her small roles in Bewitched, Pink Panther, RV, Stranger Than Fiction, Ugly Betty. Although I do not watch The West Wing, she was on that show for a good amount of time and I am sure she was amazing on that show.
  • Kristen Chenoweth is my all time favorite actress!

    Kristen Chenoweth is my all time favorite actress! I saw her live when I first saw Wicked and I was immediately under her spell! Her voice and characterization are both simply womderful! As soon as commercials for Pushing Daisies began, I was anxious to see her in a "serious role"... Thank Goodness She Wasn't In A Serious Role! i loved her character so much more with her playing a ditzy lovestruck woman. I don't think that anyone else would have done the part justice! Every time Kristen (Olive) opened her mouth to sing, a huge grin stretched across my face! it was so exciting for me to see her singing right in my living room! Kristen made the show what it was!
  • The Divine Ms. Chenoweth is quickly becoming a household name.

    It wasn't long ago that Ms. Chenoweth was making her Broadway Debut as Sally Brown in "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" and following with "Steel Pier". Disney picked up on her talent and she was placed in the role of Lily St. Regis in the television remake of Annie, and then followed with the starring role of Marian Paroo in "The Music Man". Kristin then was picked up for her own sitcom based on her own life, the series was short-lived, but Kristin's career continued to blossom. She released a few albums before stepping into the Broadway production of Wicked creating the role of Glinda. She was nominated for a Tony, but lost to co-star Idina Menzel. Kristin then appeared in a sequence of films including RV, The Pink Panther, Running With Scissors, and Deck The Halls. She also has a recurring role on The West Wing, and has become a favorite guest on the talk show circuit for her sense of humor and vivacious personality. She is currently starring in the Broadway reprisal of "The Apple Tree".
  • Kristin Chenoweth brings a certain warmness to every roll she plays

    Kristin Chenoweth is one of the best actresses of the day. She can do it all. She can act, sing, she's very beautiful, and she seems like a very charming person.

    The first roll that I ever saw Kristin in was, of course, 'Wicked'. Since then, I have been tracking her career, and listening to her music. I especially loved her roll in Bewitched, and I can't wait to see her character in RV.

    Whatever Kristin does next, us loyal fans will be awaiting it and surely enjoying whatever she's doing...

    (And I'm sure that a lot of us would love to see her back on the stage, where, she says, she's most at home)
  • Brains and Beauty!

    Kristin Chenoweth is extremely talented in so many ways! She has been a star on stage and on the big screen. Kristin Chenoweth starred as Galinda in the broadway production of Wicked, movies such as RV, Pink Panther, and Annie. She is also a star on the hit television show, West Wing. Next to those, she has an astounding voice and a beautiful face. She is so talented as a singer and an actress. My friend even went to see her in concert! How lucky!
  • Amazing voice, wonderful actrees, beautiful person inside and out.

    I cant believe it took me so long to discover how wonderful and talented Kristin Chenoweth is. She is great in her role as Annabeth on The West Wing. I just wish they could have made use of her amazing voice.

    I'm sure she will be hilarious opposite Robin Williams in RV.
    From what I saw of her being interveiwed by Ellen she is a very funny lady.

    I've heard her singing in the wicked soundtrack and can see why she is so very popular.I hope to make it to NY one day and see her perform on broadway...I'm sure she is truely amazing.

    I just saw her concert on Sunday and thought she was EXCELLENT! She can sing any kind of music she sets her heart to and well, much, much, more! She can sing opera, jazz, show tunes, and many more that I can't think of! She is also a great actress and comedian...she told so many jokes at her concert and they were all awesome opossum! Is there really more to say?
  • She is wonderful...what more is there to say??

    I just saw her last night at the Disney Hall...and she was amazing. It was beyond words. She sang quietly, opera, romantic, AnYtHiNg!!! She also told jokes, which were quite funny. My favorite songs that she sang were Popular, from Wicked, The Girl in 14G, If you hadn't but you did, should I be sweet, you've got possibilities, and I can't remember what other ones. You should hear her!!!
  • One of the best!

    I was lucky enough to see her on broadway as Glinda, and after that I did some reasearch. I had no idea how popular she really was! You have got to listen to her voice- its just AMAZING!!!! She has some great acting skills and an even better voice! She has definately made a fan out of me!
  • Is there anything this woman cannot do?

    Is there anything this woman cannot do? She can sing alto, contralto, soprano, mezzo-soprano, and on pitch, affect accents, dance, give out perfect comedic timing and everything. I have seen almost everything that Kristin has done. I have first discovered her talent when she hung upside down on David Elder's arms while singing "Hanging Around with You" in the City Center Encores! mounting of the Gershwins' Strike Up the Band. Then I saw her in her Tony award-winning performance as Sally Brown in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. I then saw her in the TV versions of Annie and Meredith Wilson's The Music Man. I also saw her in a Rosie O'Donnel Christmas special, which was very funny. I only saw one episode of her self-titled television show, which I thought was the pits. But I saw Wicked twice just to see her. (The first time, she had a cold and her understudy went on for her. The second time, I was practically yelling in the audience because she was on.) Most recently, I saw her at City Center Encores! again in The Apple Tree.

    I want to see her in more episodes of "The West Wing," though. I don't think NBC knows what they are in for these days.