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  • Comedic genious with a voice of pure gold, Kristin Chenoweth is by far the most talented actress the Broadway stage has seen for a long time.

    Kristin is my idol. I have seen her in the Apple Tree (three times!) and she is amazing. I have listened to Popular at LEAST 190 times and truly admire her as a person and as a performer. Her comic timing is perfect, her diction crystal clear and she is the owner of a voice like no other. Stephen Schwartz calls her 'The hottest young talent to hit Broadway in years' and the New York times claims her 'The best argument for cloning the Broadway stage has to offer'

    She is so charming, unique and just incredibly talented. She steals the show in every production she's been in (in my opinion). And on talk shows she is so adorable, witty and sweet. She is also very beautiful, inside and outside. I think one of the great things about Kristin is how she made it. She's from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Who's heard of Broken Arrow? I mean she went to an audition for fun, got a part. Lived in a tiny apartment with like 5 other people for a long time! And look at her now! She is Kristin Chenoweth! A Tony Award winner (and after seeing the Apple Tree, she will most certainly be nominated and *hopefully* win) and nominated for Wicked. Which she totally deserved a Tony for! I mean HELLO! Who wasn't touched by her performance as G(a)linda!!!!

    I have her on the West Wing and have seen her first seen and she is FANTASTIC! So smart and wonderful. I grew up watching her version of Annie (I'm a musical GEEK in case you didn't notice) and she is just fantastic! I have her on the Music Man and i will so watch that. And does anyone know where i can purchase 'Kristin'? I really, really want to see it. And she could so make that work now!!!

    She's truly, 100% amazing!!! I have learnt so much from watching and observing her performances. Gotten so many laughs from her interviews (she has the CUTEST stories!!!) and meeting her was the most amazing two minutes of my life! LOL! But they were. TOTALLY! Well, up there with winning a singing contest but STILL! She is the best!

    Kristin Chenoweth, you are an inspiration to so many people and a role model. My singing teacher told me that as a singer you fulfill your goal when you reach out and touch someone. If that is the case, then she has MORE than fulfilled her goal!