Kristin Dos Santos





2/24/1975 , St. Louis, Missouri

Birth Name

Kristin Veitch




Kristin was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her family moved to San Diego, CA the same year she was born. She is major TV fanatic who was not unfamiliar to the entertainment industry as a child. Her mother was a costume designer on Charlie's Angel's and her father a janitor at the Merv Griffin Theater. She attended high school at Hollywood High and then went on to the University of California in Burbank.

She has a weekly 3 page column at cable channels E! Entertainment's official Website ( which is updated every Friday and does a weekly chat every Monday with TV a lot fans, which generally contain spoilers for the different TV series. She also appears every Tuesday on E! News Live where she dishes more spoilers on upcoming TV shows.

Although, being a columnist is her regular gig she does do small roles whenever she can on TV shows she loves (i.e. Felicity, Tru Calling, etc.).