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  • Yes you are beautiful, but very ugly on the inside


    When I look at you a see a beautiful young woman, but then you open your mouth. You were definitely a "MEAN GIRL" in high school, probably even in Kindergarten. I hope one day you can look back at this season and see how rude and disrespectful you are to others. I hope it embarrasses you. You are so rude to others, its disgusting! I am a teacher, and the way you treat others is the way I teach my students how NOT to treat others. You don't want people to judge you negatively, but you are the first to jump on the ban wagon and judge others. You make me sad. Being a model is a job! Small children look up to models, and if you become a model what kind of message are you sending? When I have children you will be the example of the type of person I would never want them to be. This review may sound harsh, but I think its time for a wake up call. If you can grow up, become a confident woman, like I know you could if you tried, and become beautiful inside and out then you have the potential to go far in life.

    This of it as tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, how do you want to be remembered????moreless