Kristin Kreuk





12/30/1982 , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Kristin Laura Kreuk




Born and raised in Vancouver, Kristin never thought she would be going big time. She acted in several school plays but mostly focused on her schoolwork. Kristin attended Eric Hamber High School. She never planned on becoming an actress and was planning to go to the Simon Fraser University for psychology or environmental studies.

Fate came calling her senior year of high school when the casting director of a new TV series, Edgemont (2000), sent a fax to her school. They wanted an exotic-looking girl to play the part of Laurel. It was her first professional audition and she landed the part. Since then, she continues to star in the Canadian series while filming Smallville (2001). Lucky for her, both shows are filmed in Vancouver.

In 2002, Kristin became the newest spokesperson for Neutrogena and started an advertising campaign with them. In early 2005, she renewed her contract for an additional two years, making her the longest-running spokesperson in the company's history.

Kristin has a tight knit group of friends, and, in her spare time, enjoys spending time with them and reading. Because it rains so much in Vancouver, she and her Smallville (2001) co-star Allison Mack often swap books or have a Woody Allen marathon.