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Kristin Nelson

Kristin Nelson



Birth Name

Sharon Kristin Harmon



Also Known As

Kristin Harmon, Kristen Nelson, Kris Nelson
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  • Kristin Nelson's real niche in the world is that of an primitive artist instead of an actress. Her acting seemed strained and unnatural but her emotions run freely onto the canvas of her art.moreless

    Kristin Nelson married Rick Nelson in 1963 and they had four children. After Rick's death she remarried Mark Tinker (Grant Tinker's son). She appeared on the Ozzie and Harriet series as Rick's wife because it was simply expected of all family members to join the series. Both Kristin and June's acting were not up to par and did not enhance the series (though Kristin's acting was slightly better than June's). Her father was the legendary Tom Harmon and her mother was the veteran actress Elyse Knox. She has one sister and one brother. Her sister, Kelly is as charming as Kris is. The thing I most admire about Kris is her candid and honest reactions. If you don't want to know the unadulterated truth, don't ask Kris! lol She calls it as she sees it, and hold no punches. Who can't respect and love a person like that? It is that honesty that makes her painting fresh and enlightening yet simple and innocent. Each painting is a part of her. If you haven't seen her work, pick up her autobiography, Out of My Mind.moreless