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  • Adding a little info

    I went to school with her from elementary school through high school. The "unknown" elementary school she attended was Mill Creek Elementary in Lenexa, KS, through 6th grade. The junior high school was not a middle school until some years after she left, so it was properly called Trailridge Junior High. And of course Shawnee Mission Northwest High School. Nice girl all throughout school, and very busy. I remember her for her gymnastics, mainly. Her dad was nice and very humorous. As far as her acting... I've only seen her in one show. Seemed ok, not spectacular but not at all bad.
  • Kristin is my personal favorite actrice! She is a wonderful actress who is not yet discovered by the big public yet.

    All you need to know about Kristin: Kristin Kay (Willits) Richardson was born at August 4,1970 in New York city, to her parents, John Willits(1945),Chiropractor,and SusanPatton(1944),car dealership. She has one brother, Brad Willits, and one sister, Tina Heut(1965). Kristin graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School (She was a Cougar!) in 1988.She was active in the Drill team, Cheerleading, and Gymnastics.

    "She was fun and funny," said gymnastics coach Janice Miller. "Kristin was real vivacious in high school."

    Kim Watts, who was co-captain of the team with Willits, said they spent a lot of time together. "We were in every activity under the sun in high school," she said. "She was always a captain, a leader, a main choreographer.

    Kim recalled Kristin being fascinated with Madonna. "She totally idolized Madonna," Watts said. "She dressed like her, looked like her."

    But Kristin is not remembered as the "Material Girl" Madonna sang about.

    "She was real bubbly and friendly to everybody," Kim said. "She didn't care who you were. She was very popular, yet never stuck up."

    While in high school, Kristin worked at Worlds of Fun as a dancer and singer in the variety shows, John Willits, he father said.

    Kristin attended the University of Kansas for one semester before calling her father and telling him she wanted to go to Oklahoma City University to study dance. "That started her career," John Willits said. She graduated in '92.

    Kristin worked at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va., during the summers she was in college. After that she worked on a Royal Odyssey cruise ship for a year.

    She eventually moved to Orlando to work at Walt Disney World in the Beauty and the Best attraction. That was where she met Kevin.

    "She was sittin’ down with some friends and, uh, a buddy of mine came up to me and said ‘You need to ‘inerduce yourself to her’ so, evidently she’d been kinda checkin’ me out So he kinda gave me the green light ‘cause I’m, I was a shy type a guy, can’t just go up and ask ladies out so I went and introduced myself and later on, a couple days later I asked her for her number and asked her if she was interested in goin’ out. ",Kevin recalls.

    "We've known him the whole time," her brother Brad Willits said.

    They began a relationship, dating on and off for about seven or eight years, John Willits said.

    During this time, Kristin auditioned for and was accepted to spend a year as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette in New York. She toured with the Will Rogers Rollies company across the United States and was on Broadway in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," with Nathan Lane, Whoopi Goldberg and David Alan Grier.

    After her time on stage, Kristin made the transition to television acting on the Comedy Central show "Viva Variety."

    You can find Kristin in "I'll never break your heart", the European version.She's the girl with Kevin.

    Willits was also one of three dancers in Cher's "Believe" tour. You can see her in" All Or Nothing", Cher's video clip which consists of different parts of "Believe" tour.

    Kim Watts was not surprised Willits has added Rockette, professional dancer and actress to her resume after her humble beginnings in neighborhood yards.

    "She just has raw talent," Kim said. "I'm not surprised she's made it this far on her own."

    A little bit after that they had decided enough was enough, they really wanted to be together and not date other people. December of 1999, they made their first public appearance together as an official couple at the movie premiere for 'Never Been Kissed' staring Drew Barrymore as a VERY happy couple obviously in love.

    Throughout this time, Kevin was also a rising star. John Willits said he found out after the Kansas City Backstreet Boys concert this past fall the Kevin wanted to marry Kristin.

    "He turned to me and said, 'May I speak to you privately?" John Willits recalled. "'I'd like to ask your daughter's hand in marriage.' I said that would be fine. That was the first time in my history, in my family, I found out first what was happening. I thanked him for that."

    John Willits said his daughter and Kevin were in Kansas City for Christmas. Kristin has been back since, though the last visit was at least two months ago, John Willits said. "She's been real tied up with this movie and hasn't been back lately," he said. "She comes in and is gone again. And she travels a lot."

    February of 2000, Kevin announced to MTV News, that he was engaged to his long time girlfriend and on June 17th 2000, they were married! Since then Kristin has been VERY busy. She has just recently wrapped filming on the movie 'Rock Star' staring Mark Wallberg and has finished another movie 'Soupernatural' which she is the star! In between all her movie filming she has some how find time to squeeze in TV appearances and a modeling shoot! Kevin and Kristin are quite the bi-coastal couple, having a place in Los Angeles, one in Florida and their newest addition a 100 acre farm in Kentucky. One wonders when we will be hearing the pitter patter of little feet in the Richardson home, what beautiful kids they're going to have!

    She also have parts in "Man On The Moon", starring Jim Carrey," Crossings", a 16 mm short film(1997),"Forever yours" and" Gangs On The Hudson".

    John Willits said he was very proud of his daughter because she's proven hard work pays off.

    "She's done it all on her own," John Willits said. "She's accomplished it by herself one step at a time."

    Short Facts ( thanks Ghazal )

    Full Name : Kristin Kay (Willits) Richardson
    Birthday : August 4,1970
    Birthplace : New York City
    Family : John Willits and Susan Patton (parents), sister, Tina (34), brother-, Brad
    Residence : Hollywood Hills, CA and Orlando, FL and a 123 acre farm/estate outside of Lexington, Kentucky
    Eye s: Brown
    Hair : Blonde but the natural color is dark blonde
    Height : 5'7"
    Tattoo : One inside her right ankle
    Education : She's attended Oklahoma city University. She's a classical and Jazz trainer dancer
    Occupation : Dancer, actress , Model

    Kristin did a small stint with her high school newspaper.
    Kristin majored in performing arts.
    Kristin is a professionally trained dancer.
    Kristin is Left handed.
    Kristin has learned music from Melissa Black

    Elementary School:Unknown Middle School: Kristin attended Trailridge Middle School in Shawnee, Kansas. High School:Kristin attended Shawnee Mission Northwest High School in Shawnee, Kansas. She graduated in 1988. In High School, Kristin was on the Cheerleading Squad and Drill Team and was the co-captain of the Gymnastics Team. She also was on the staff for her school newspaper. College: Kristin first attended the University of Kansas for one semester before calling her father and telling him she wanted to attend Oklahoma City University to study dance. She graduated from Oklahoma City University in 1992 with a degree in Classical and Jazz Dance. Source: Kristin Richardson Online [.net]
  • Kristin is a great actress.

    Kristin is a very talented actress, i loved her roles on csi and supernatural. Each time i see her on tv she is in a bigger role. I hope that she keeps showing up more and more on tv and movies. She is a natural talent. I think she deserve bigger roles that allow her to show how great she is. In Supernatural you can have a taste of how good she is, i loved her role in that episode and she did a great job on it. I hope more people see how great she is and that she get a sitcom of her on or star in a big movie with a big role.
  • Kristin Richardons in general

    I think Kristin is one the most beautiful and talented actresses there are. She not only acts but she dances too. She was dancer for Cher. I think she would be awesome if she had her own show. Romantic, comedy, horror, etc. She could do it all. She is my hero.
  • HI my name is Fernanda and ive seen Kristin in many series like guest star and i like how she do her job

    Ive seen this episoe and i live it like the others congratulations!"!!!!
    This series is the most popular in my home so we see it every that the program is in the tv but like i live in mexico here is rarely happens but i tried to see all. Thanx