Kristina Klebe

Kristina Klebe


6/18/1978, New York, New York, USA

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    • Kristina: I don't look for work based on genre; I look for the role and the character.

    • Kristina: I've actually done more comedy and drama. I just have bigger roles in horror movies.

    • Kristina: I like to travel a lot. Pretty much when I'm stagnant for more than a month, I start getting the itch to travel again. And I love working with animals. I volunteer with Best Friends as a foster. I also freelance as a videographer for random shoots. I shot Pete Townsend's "In the Attic" show recently for a DVD for Best Buy. I really love being behind the camera so I usually jump at opportunities to do that.

    • Kristina: (about doing her own stunts)I do. I didn't have that many. I had one where I had to jump out of a window, which was a little scary. I'm scared of heights. It was scary even though it wasn't very far because they put a mattress underneath so you just jump and right away you're on it. It's still jumping and you have to make it look believable. I did all of the shooting myself.