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  • Kristine DeBell, Alice In Hollywood

    This gorgeous starlet, with her unique girlish yet seductive face, and a pair of knock-out long legs, started off her career in a surprising (for the 1970s, not nowadays) manner.

    Blonde Kristine DeBell made her big debut as Alice in the XXX-rated musical "Alice In Wonderland" (1976). This movie became such a hit that a less-graphic R-rated version was released so the film could play in mall multiplexes and drive-ins all over America. One would think that starting out in a sex film would be career suicide, but obviously Hollywood casting people and directors weren't too judgmental of her decision. Soon gracing the cover of Playboy, Kristine started getting mainstream gigs faster than actresses who had been in the business for years were.

    On the small screen, Kristine guest-starred on popular series such as "Police Woman" (1978), "B.J. & The Bear" (1978), "Eight Is Enough" (1978), "Barnaby Jones" (1979), and "CHiPs" (1979). She also was featured in two acclaimed telefilms: "Katie:Portrait Of A Centerfold" (1978) and "Suddenly, Love" (1978). But Kristine wasn't stopping with television - she was conquering the big screen as well.

    Kristine had leading and co-starring roles in big studio movies with popular box-office stars. She appeared in "Bloodbrothers" (1978) with Richard Gere, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" (1978) with Nancy Allen, "The Main Event" (1979) with Barbra Streisand, and "Meatballs" (1979) with Bill Murray.

    The 1980s started out promising for this crossover cutie. She starred as Jackie Chan's girlfriend in "The Big Brawl" (1980) and snared a recurring role as 'Pam Warren' on the daytime drama "The Young And The Restless" in 1982. She also starred as Linda Hamilton's roomie in the cult thriller "TAG:The Assassination Game" (1982). More television spots included "The Waltons" (1982), "Oh Madeline" (1983), the pilot "For Members Only" (1983) and her last known appearance as a rock star on "Night Court" (1984). She completed a role in the dramatic film "Club Life" (1985) but her scenes were cut from the final print of the film.

    Her whereabouts still sort of a remain a mystery to this day, as well as to why she left the business she was thriving so well in. Of course there are rumors on the internet, most of them claiming that Kristine retired to get married and raise a family. This may very well be true, and if so, good for her. However, she has left behind a legion of fans who would have liked to seen her continue her colorful career.