Kristoffer Tabori

Kristoffer Tabori


8/4/1952, Malibu, California, USA

Birth Name

Christopher Donald Siegel



Also Known As

Kristoffer Siegel Taboriv, Kristoffer Siegel-Tabori, Kristopher Tabori, Kristoffer Siegel Tabori, Kris Tabori, Kristoffer Tabori
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  • Great producer

    I just found out about Kristoffer Tabori and his work. He is actually really great. Most of his work is pretty good but some is actually perfect of him. Not everyone knows him, but everyone SHOULD know about him. He produces good stuff for all the films and television he produces. More people have got to comment about Kristoffer Tabori. He still is doing acting and producing and/or directing. He is great and talented. He is also a very nice man.

    Two of my favorite work he did was voicing HK-47 in video games Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Good luck for Kristoffer Tabori.moreless
  • Kristopher Tabouri, a name unknown to many, a fabulous director, actor and the most handsome man of my time. has his intire credits which are very impressive.

    I\'ll love him til the day I die. His father was Clint Eastwoods fav director and friend, Don Siegel. His mother Vivecca Lindfors, equally beautiful, an actress. I worked for Kris once in a film and its my dream to work with him again.

    He\\\'s stunningly handsome and equally talented. The world will one day know his true accomplishments.