Kristopher Turner

Kristopher Turner


9/27/1980, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Kristopher Lee Trainer
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Kristopher Turner was born in Winnipeg Canada on September 27, 1980. Kristopher realized he loved acting very early in his life, starting when he earned a part in his High School's performance, "A Midsummer's Night Dream". While growing up, Kristopher attended the University of Winnipeg. While there, Kristopher…more


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    • Kristopher: In grade 10, I took drama class, but I was very shy in high school. It wasn't until grade 11 before I worked up the confidence to audition for the school play or stuff like that. In grades 11 and 12, I did plays, and stuff with an improv team.

    • Kristopher: You have to really sympathize with him when he goes for it and says 'let's take this friendship to the next level' and he gets crushed. But he makes some mistakes, too. Jamie's the kind of kid who has a dream world of how things should be and it's not always based in reality.

    • Kristopher: I think I sort of relate to Jamie being an outsider a little bit. He's not caught up in all the high school stuff, and I never was either. I was the kid who played Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and played video games and listened to the not-cool music.

    • Kristopher: What I like about Instant Star, or specifically about playing Jamie, is that it's such a nice blend of comedy and drama. Jamie gets to play the clown part a lot of the time, which is a lot of fun, but he also gets to have serious moments in dealing with Jude, and stuff like that. For me, it's nice to stretch two different muscles in one part.

  • I almost feel sorry for saying it but...

    Kristopher Turner is just a horrible actor! I love the show Instant Star, so it really makes me feel bad for saying it. But I saw him in the movie, A Dad For Christmas on Lifetime, and until I saw his acting, I had really looked forward to seeing the movie. It would have been a really good story and movie in general, but it was really hard to get past his acting. It makes me wonder how he ever got a lead on Instant Star, or better yet a Lifetime movie!moreless