Kristy Swanson

Kristy Swanson


12/19/1969, Mission Viejo, California, USA

Birth Name

Kristen Noel "Kristy" Swanson


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American actress Kristy Swanson has been in films since 1986's Deadly Friend, but cemented her reputation on TV with recurring roles in Knot's Landing (1987) and Nightingales (1988). Her forte has been the portrayal of young ladies with prom-queen looks and room-temperature I.Q.s. Among her leading roles in…more


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    • Kristy: (After her arrest charges were dropped) I am thrilled and excited that the charge has been dropped. This never should have happened and our family can move on.

    • Kristy: (About revealing her pregnancy) We wanted to wait until I completed the first trimester to officially announce our pregnancy. Lloyd and I are thrilled and wanted to share the wonderful news.

    • Kristy Swanson: (on her kissing scene in Higher Learning) I recall that a lot of guys were, like, 'You got to kiss Jennifer Connelly!' For all the men out there: Yes, Jennifer is a good kisser. We also shot a European version, which, I think showed a little more skin.

    • Kristy: I won't date a guy who doesn't own a toolbox. I'm not saying you need to be able to knock down a wall or build a house or anything like that. But I've been out with a couple of guys who didn't own toolboxes, and they couldn't even change a light bulb.

    • Kristy: I've always been this strong-willed person and I've always been in love with acting. I love every aspect of show business and that includes both the show part of it and the business part of it.

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    A great 80s actress, she has taken on some so-so roles in the 90s. I'm guessing that she either just wants the cash or wants to hang on to some sort of fame. But, you can't knock Kristy's performance in "Buffy" and "Hot Shots!"